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Published: 04 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My Grandmother who is 81 years old has been totaly taken advantage of by the owner of Extreme Roofing LLC AKA, Extreme Roofing and Restorations, LLC. We had a very bad hail storm here in 2014, the roofing company came out and entered into a contract with My Grandfather. The roofing company attempted to repair the roof, but shortly after the roof was started my Grandfather passed away. He did get money from the insurance company to pay the roofer, but he knew they did not do a good job on the roof and the roofing company left alot of the job incomplete. He was fighting with the owner to get him to bring his crew out to finish the job and he flat refused. Once my grandfather passed, the owner then started harrassing my grandmother who is 81 years old wanting payment. She has both Alzheimer’s and Dementia and can not make any decisions on her own. I have since moved into the home to try to find out what all has happened and I reached out to the owner to provide me information about the sales transactions. He could not provide me any quotes that were provided and signed off on prior to any work being performed. He claims that he said he would perform the job at the exact rate the insurnace company quoted (Yet when I audited what the insurance company said they would allow for charges all their rates were more than the insurance company), and went straight into a work contract. The first check was cut from the insurance company and my grandfather paid directly to the roofing company. Then my grandfather seen the choppy bad quality of work being done, not to mention the roofing company saying they were replacing things that they did not. He felt that they were comiting fraud on him. So he got into a battle with them. The second insuance check was cut to my grandfather and he was in negotiation and trying to get the roofing company to just do what they claimed they did. Then he passed away. I reached out to the owner, he provided me a demand for payment for $7,918. I asked for the quote he gave my grandfather, he could not produce it. He then provided a copy of the insuarnce quote and the contract that he claimed my grandfather signed. But it looked like things had been added to the contract. They never gave him a copy of the contract because my grandfather and grandmother never throw out documents they keep everything and there were not records of this contract. After moving into the house I noticed tons of damage on the inside of the house. I took pictures and forwarded them to the owners email and no response. Below is a copy of the email that I sent. 12/7/14 Jennifer, As I mentioned to the owner of Extreme Roofing, I have taken over the Power of Attorney for XXXXXXXX researched the checks that were issued and found that the checks were indeed issued to Mr.XXXXX. However, now that I have been assisting in her affairs and after a thorough inspection of her home I did ask a close friend of mine who has been in the roofing industry for over 20 years to come look at several concerns I had with the job that your company performed. The main and first issue is when your company installed all the vent caps, the workers did not cut and shingle over them properly to cover them up. They also did not Tar around them which has caused multiple leaks and tons of water damage not to mention black mold in multiple areas of the house. There is an area that has black mold and tons of water damage that is also effecting the electricity in the light fixtures and also power outlets. So my first request is to have a technician come out from your company to complete the repairs on this part of the roof and complete this issue ASAP. Secondly I spoke to a Contractor over the weekend who gave me a very rough estimate on the amount of damage and how much it will take to repair all of the damage that was caused due to your company not installing the vent caps properly. He stated that it will cost a minimal of $8-10K easy, it will be hard to say exactly until all the sheet rock is pulled out and can see exactly how much black mold has formed in order to see exactly the amount of damage that has happened. This is going to be a cost that is extremely expensive for Ms. XXXXXX to cover as she is 81 and on a very fixed income. So what I would like to propose is that your company come fix the Vent Caps so that this issue can be completed and I feel it is only fair that the remainder balance that your company shows she owes for the outstanding balance be waived and we be issued a payment in full for your services that you provided, so that she can get the above mentioned areas fixed from the damage that was caused from your workers not completing the job. I have attached multiple pictures of the damages for your review. I can be reached at my cell phone number of XXXXXXX or you can reply to this email with a day and time so we can get the Vent Cap issue fixed. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I attached multip pictures to show the damage in question. on 12/8/14 Jennifer his assistant said she would forward to the owner. Guess what, NO REPLY! I called the owner back, he sent me to voicemail! 12/9/14 I sent another email asking when can they send a contractor out to see the roof. No response. 12/29/14 I sent an email that stated: I need to know what day and time you plan on coming out to see our roof this week? Please let me know what day and time by the end of business today or I will be contacting the insurance commission, the BBB and multiple news stations first thing in the morning. As you can see we have been working on this since November 25th and its now a month later and with the snow there has been more damage to the house because of the roof leaks. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Thank you. Still no response so I called again and on the 12/29/14 did speak to the owner, asked him why he had not called me and he argued with me about the damage and told me his staff did their job. I asked him did he read the email and see the pictures that show all the water damage from the leaks and he said yes. I asked when can he come out, he told me he had no idea he was busy, he was extreamly hateful. I told him if he didn’t get a technician out to fix the mistake that they made to stop the water damange within a few days I would have to move forward with reporting them to everyone I felt needed to know. Today on 1/2/15, My grandmother got a certified letter they have field a lein on her home and are going to take it from her, they have yet to call me to send a technician out to fix the damange and they claim there is a warrantee on the roof. This man is a crook and he takes advantage of the elderly. He needs to be stopped and he needs to come fix the sloppy job he did to my poor old grandmother’s home. SO NOW HE WANTS TO KICK HER OUT ON THE STREET AND TAKE HER HOME???

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