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Extreme Tactical Dynamics – A Trickster in Action

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Jeff Epstein

ETD is like those fishes which eat all the small fishes in the sea. But it is a special fish which only eats its customers’ money because they don’t like moral values as much as the smell of fresh notes coming from the ATM. Some people think, they can cheat anybody anytime and they can’t get caught, and ETD is one of them. The trickster I am talking about here is the Extreme Tactical Dynamics. This business is stealing money from the people in the name of L.E.D emergency vehicle lights and other lights products. It has been cheating people for almost 14 years since 2005. This company is popular in market and knows exactly what it’s doing!!! They are tricking people for some time now and in different exceptional ways by giving them discounts that are not exactly there, discounts that are good for them and only give the customers a mirage of satisfaction. They still manage to make profits after giving the discounts, so there are no real discounts for the clients. It’s all a beautiful illusion. 

This company works like a professional con artist and was able to hire some sub-ordinate men and women who are con artists as well. They help the company to achieve its goals which are to make money from every customer at any cost, whether it is right or wrong. The customers did not know what this company and their workers were doing to them, they make promises to give them the best product at the lowest price and sometimes they give discounts as well. But all they do is waste their time and even if the product arrived after sometime, either it is not in good condition or not needed by the customer now, because the customer had purchased the product already from another company. So they make false promises and this is how they steal money from their customers. They used their website to make their lies presentable in a believable form.


My Experience

Well I am one of the victims of this company as well. I placed an order for my dashed lights and then the waiting game began. From that day, all I am doing is waiting for the order to arrive at my doorstep. Calling them is impossible and there is no reply via email. Well, my money is lost and I am not seeing any chances of getting it back. They steal your money in a very professional way. There’s no going back now, I guess. These guys are professional frauds. Don’t fall for their good looking advertisements and believe what they say, I have already made that mistake, so please don’t make the same mistake.

This mirage of satisfaction and less prices and promises to give you the best customer care is like a mirage on another mirage. The more you get closer the more it will show you the real face it has, that it truly is an illusion. These guys know what they are doing, they are pros and like every pro, they don’t want to be caught. I told you guys my experience, so that you don’t have to face financial loss like I did.

After all this experience, the one thing that I know for sure is that this company is not only a fraud but also a trickster because it makes profit by cheating on the customers. They did not care for the reputation of the company, because the only thing that matters to them is money and only money. They want to make money as fast as they can. They promise a lot and don’t deliver even one percent of what they promised. The one thing they know good from the heart is to lie to their customers. They did not even give the customers, the proper knowledge of the arrival of the products when they had already received the money in advance.

This whole booking of my dashed lights almost cost me 500 bucks but let’s be honest, I was excited to see that I got an discount from ETD and I thought then that I can buy new dashed lights with some savings after the discount, as all I had to pay was just 350 bucks but since it was a fraud, you cannot expect any honesty from this company. Its damn frustrating man.They told me that your discount is expired and you cannot use it. Seriously?!

But again what can you do when you are already trapped. So I kept checking on them and they kept on saying different things every time; like, your package is on the shipment, should be there in 2 days, then there came the holidays and this procedure went on and on. After waiting for some more time, I emailed them again and at last after getting so many excuses, I got my product after waiting for 3 months and 4 days.

The procedure of receiving the product, from placing the order till the arrival of the product at your doorstep, is damn lengthy and the processing time they promise is never-ending, so after waiting for adequate time the customers quit ultimately. They want to make money not by selling products but by stealing the money of their customers.

I should have checked others’ reviews and related websites online first before the purchase of these so-called cheap and fast delivering products of Extreme Tactical Dynamics. They make so many promises that they don’t even remember. But you know what? Money has the power over customers, but they should know that they receive money from their customers, having no customers leads to no money and this leads to, NO PROFIT.


Others’ Experiences

The way, I was treated by the company was really terrible so I searched about others who might have suffered as well by ETD’s frauds and poor customer care. I found not just a few, but many complaint against these fraudsters. Some complaint are deleted or misguided but fortunately some are still there for persons like us. Take a close look at them:


Some of Many Criticisms aboutExtreme Business Dynamics:


“Poor Shipping & Customer Service”

I ordered two lights from the company. Both the lights are going to be used on our car for the holiday season. We ordered these items on September 28, but the update never came. So, after a few weeks when I did not get the product, I decided to email them again but even after that email, I got no reply from the customer care center. After four weeks, I emailed them again, this time I got the reply that the company had a delay of products due to holidays. Then after a few weeks, I emailed them again and got the reply that it had been on a shipping backorder, with no further update or clue what was going on? After many days passed, I finally got my package. This was so damn unprofessional and unethical of them to ignore us when we were asking about the status of our package. 

They stole your money in a very brilliant way, sometimes you don’t even realize what they are doing to you. They try to sell you their products with a cheap label on them, but in fact it is the opposite of cheap. Their products are cheap only on the advertisements and on the websites. But in reality they overcharge you in every manner. They overcharge you for the shipping and waste a lot of your time. The money, a person can earn it back but the time loss and irritation caused by this company are just unimaginable.  


“Hocus – Pocus Company”

They screwed me over!!! Well, I never got to use the product I received from my defective purchase. They overcharged me and they never get back to me on my complaint, so I am pretty furious at them. They would not answer the phones. The email time is normally 2-5 days if you email them. I even asked for a full refund and after ten days still nothing. So do not waste your time with this company. This company is a network of fraudsters. This company is playing with customers. They make promises and never give any kind of attention to any of their customers at all. So, after wasting my time with them, I placed my order with some other LED company and finally I got satisfied. 

The processing time is so huge. Even after the due time, I was not getting any satisfactory update of my product. They were ignoring me every time and even after getting the product; I was not satisfied with its condition. I ordered 3 lights from which 1 of them was already not working and I tried to return it back, but again faced all the terrible treatment from ETD. After receiving the payment from the customers, the company ignores everything else. They ignore the customers as well from which they receive a huge pile of money to run the company. So, please pardon me if I am not a big fan of this company.  Don’t waste your money on the products of this company, FOR GOD’s SAKE!



I thought because my friend had received good service from ETD, I will too. But I did not know she was lucky then and I am not. I ordered an LED for my car, they took my money and almost after one week, I emailed them and asked about my product, got no reply. After waiting for some more days, I chatted online with them and finally got a reply after typing too many time hello! Help me, help me, etc,. So, a customer agent replied and said that my order is on back order, so I decided to buy an even more expensive set of lights to make the procedure go fast, and I paid them with my card but this went on. After a couple of weeks, I emailed, called and even tried the chat at online chat rooms, but they ignored me at every level. So, I bought the lights for my vehicle from a local establishment. I attempted to contact them again but they ignored me like hell. So, I can say there are only thieves working at ETD.

They play you very well. They know your weaknesses. They know what their customer wants and that’s how they make their profits. They have hired a special workforce only for this task, so that they can give what customer wants, while all they give is nothing – period. They don’t give a damn whether it is a financial loss and not only financial but time loss as well for the customer, all they care about is to make profit. 


“They take advantage of your situation”


I ordered some LED lights for my car and I got a reference for this company that they are very professional and they deliver the product very fast. I was in a hurry then because I needed those lights urgently. So, I placed an order on their website and paid the money with my card. They told me, there will be an extra charge for urgent delivery, so I paid that amount too. After two weeks, I emailed them and there was no reply. They did not even pick up my calls. Their chat rooms were ignoring me as well. After almost four weeks, I finally got a reply that my order was in backorder and it will be shipped to me in 3 to 4 days after the weekend. But, it was too late for them as I had already bought the lights and this was how I got wrecked financially.This cost me almost double the money and I lost my time as well. I am really disappointed from this sick company. I am angry and I am devastated from my situation in which the ETD stuck me. This is a big scam company and the worst company on the internet I have seen ever.


pastedGraphic.png   pastedGraphic_1.png


These true reviews are just like a needle in the haystack. There are many more people that have been cheated by the frauds of this company. You should also check them out at the end of this page. This company is a big trickster and I don’t want to get anyone else tricked by this company.

 The more I lay my eyes on their reviews and comments from the research I have done so far, I have seen only one thing. Any guesses? I’ll tell you what!! Fraud, Scam, Trick, Deception, Double-Dealing, Duplicity, Crookedness and all the synonyms you get on fraud and scam.


Concluding Thoughts

There are many people running their businesses with pure honesty and still making huge profits. This is not necessary that you only make profits by cheating on the customers and stealing their money in a way. I hope after reading the article, you can guess, what company I am talking about? Yes, it’s Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

There’s no way in the world, this company can make profits with honesty. It is the most fraudulent, scamming and double-dealing company I have ever seen. This fraudulent and scamming company never caught an outsider’s eye because it makes charming advertisements on its websites like posting videos of the customers having great experience with the LEDs and with their other products .This is also one of its great tactics to attract customers by only showing the positivity of the products and the company. They posted only positive reviews on their website and didn’t even think about the negative ones. They also remove the negative comments and reviews on the website of the business. They claim to serve others but I don’t think so, because their business totally consists of double−facing and fraudulence. Delaying the products with different tactics and providing the worst customer care services are some of the main features of Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

Last but not least, the most prominent feature of this company is ignoring the customers after receiving the money. The basic tactic behind that is to make the customer crazy by showing the goodness, morality and perfectness of the ETD’s products and once the customer paid for the product, the ignoring tactic starts and never ends. 

In the end, I have made an effort by writing this article and have done my part, now it’s time for you to do yours by sharing it!

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