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I have to say this has been a slow process.

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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Bridget

My wedding rings needed an adjustment and I had to have it fixed before a family function. At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair stores, they don’t perform their duties as fast as they say they would do for you.

The rings needed a resize and because of the delay, I had to attend an important function without my rings.No calls from the jewelry repair store to tell me they couldn’t make it on time.

Work promised to be on time but failed to show me good results. The expensive tag priced on my rings for resizing is daytime robbery.

My wedding rings to be resized to a perfect fit butat Fast-Fix, the process is slow and not on schedule as they often say they are to the public. I believed in false hope from this company.

To my knowledge, the staff has been disrespectful to my needs. The way Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair stores show their skills makes me wonder how they got to this point in their business!

Jewelry repairs need to fast and efficient, but I had not experienced that efficiency from Fast-fix Jewelry repair. The process disappointed me and to think I took their word for quick results.

I relied on their broken promise and Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair store but have given me poor experiences with customer’s service, they lack responsibility and pleasantness. It’s a company that cannot be relied on for quick service or punctuality. My rings took longer than I had expected and the many visits to the store didn’t help me get my rings back faster.

In my case, I took their word for it that my rings will be resized on time. I don’t think it is right for anyone to be treated in this manner with poor management and broken promises. At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair stores, customers deserve quality and punctuality. I am not happy with the quality of work from Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair stores, I need what I pay for and I don’t find this in this store. The meaning of feeling gratitude on receiving my rings to fit perfectly on my finger is not helpful at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair stores. There is no accomplishment for the repair of my rings to be given on time to me. It is a shame that I had to be without my rings for a month. The lame excuses of the shortage of staff are not worth listening to. The requirements for my rings were not ordered and the process took a month before I got back my rings.

I will not recommend Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair stores, to anyone who needs a quick fix to their jewelry. It is not efficient, and lack of customer’s service is the biggest problem. To me, this is not how a business works daily. Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair stores had caused me an inconvenience to not having my rings back to me as I had expected.

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