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Published: 28 June 2019

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I took out a collateral loan with Fast Money Loan for $2000. they were to set my account up for autopay and failed to do so. My car was repoed after the first payment was due because of their error. When I called and spoke to Ross manager I was very upset. He told me that it was noted in my account that I was to call in with a credit card when the first payment was due. I did not, I dont even own a credit card. Then he changed his story to say that I was supposed to call in when the first payment was due to ok the debit of my account yet I signed the necessary papers to have it done when I got the loan. We argued over this for a few minutes. All he could say is why dont you answer your phone and I would reply, why wasnt my account set up correctly. I was then told all he could do for me is split the tow fee of 500 dollars with me. So it cost me a fee of 250 plus two payments of 250 to bring my account current, for a total of $500. it took me two days to get the money up to get my car and you have to deposit cash into their account which they have to verify with the teller and at time of deposit. I was having trouble just getting a ride so informed them it wouldnt be until the next day and had asked where the car was. I was told in San Diego. The next day when I went down and made the deposit and ask where I can pick up my car I was informed it was in Long Beach. Which was very upsetting to me and had asked why I was told that it would be towed there I would have made an effort to make the deposit the day before and get my car. Just another ploy to make it harder on you to get your car. Now in the 2nd month of my loan, due to my own accounting error, my car was again repossed. But this time they are charging me $1027. When I asked for a breakdown of the charges because I calculated $750. And that’s all Jose could also account for and put me on hold. Then Ross got on the line and first said I still owed for the previous tow. Then changed it to that I owe (4) payments plus the $500 tow fee and $27 late fee, so total $1027. I said that is incorrect I only owe for the month of November plus tow fee. I asked if that was standard policy, he said yes but I owed four payments. This is the fourth payment of my loan. I also stated that they would never have released my car back to me if I didnt pay the tow fee and bring the account current. Standard policy, correct? He hung up on me He also denies saying he would split the tow fee with me from the previous impound. So before I go make the cash deposit I have requested something with all charges due to get my car faxed to me in writing. Because they say one thing on the phone and either do not note it in the account or just leave it out and lie. As of this moment it is 1:00 pm and I first requested an invoice at 10:30 am and still waiting. Fast Money Loan if Long Beach, CA, are Scandalous, liars and thieves. Besides all the extra money it cost to get your car back, you have to pay fees to the repo guys to get your belongings that were in your vehicle. They also dented my front passenger fender, my antenna was missing. And not a drop of gas left in my car. They are thieves And I recommend to get a loan from anyone but them. I would like to get legal advice to make a case against them.

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