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Published: 20 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Shortly after beginning the search for a company to move me from DC to New Jersey I was initially contacted by a Fast Move Inc. representative named Bella. Bella was incredibly proffessional and polite and we agreed to a contract with a price of $850 based off of my itemized inventory of my belongings. Concerned that I might incur an additional fee after the fact, I called Bella back to advise her that I had more items then I previoiusly reported in our prior conversation. Bella added these items and gave me a new quote of $1,007. During both our conversations Bella advised me that my price was so low because I did not have many things., emphasizing that most other customer have had way more items than me. She never advised me that the rate could change when the movers arrive and never advised me that movers would repack my items and charge you for these services and additional packaging. | I was so impressed with Bella’s professionalism and the price of my move that I recommend a friend to move with this company as well. An acquaintinace was also moving from D.C., actually on the same day as me. The company actually used the same truck for our move, an inconvienience for me because though we were both leaving the District of Columbia we were moving to TWO different locations(me to Jersey, she to their warehouse). Additionally, my belongings were going to a storage facility that closed at 9pm, making my move time sensitive and making me nervous about the companies ability to pick us both up, and drop off our belongings on time. On more than one occaisions Bella guaranteed me same day delivery the day of my move despite sharing a truck, in fact Bella specifying that my items would be in my storage unit by or before 5pm, and “certainly before the storage unit’s 9pm closure”. She then advised that the movers would call the night before the move to tell me the pick up time. Upon booking the company Bella quoted 7-11 as my pick up time (frankly, to large of a window for my comfor). The night before Bella called at 550pm and told me that my movers would arrive between 9 and 11am. | The movers arrived at 1030am in a white moving truck with a cardboard sign attached to side door as their company signage. As soon as he walked in my apartment the mover advised me that I had more items then he anticipated (mind you, he didn’t even really look around thouroughly). He also advised that he would have to repack most of my items as well (there was no reason for this as everything was boxed and bagged adequately). He then advised me that he would have to charge me for the repacking of my items and the equipment used to repack them as well. My original contract was for 1007 dollars, which the mover upped to 1650. He also advised me that he would not make it to my storage unit on time because he has another pick up and delivery. Although I paid for same day delivery and provided this company withthis other client I was now going to be inconvenicenced. I called Bella and advised her of the inconvenience of a two day delivery, the extra cost, and my recommendation of another client. Bella assured me that I would have my things in storage before 9pm in New Jersey and said that the manager was kind enough to deduct 200 dollars for my recommendation. | My cost of the move was now 1,450 dollars. The mover was notified of my new bill and he reminded me that I was to tip him and his co worker. As I gave him 70 percent of my portion of the move in cash. The mover seemed dismayed with my payment asked “where is my tip? It’s not now?” He then reminded me to tip him for his services again. Arount 1pm the movers left my house. The acquaintaince informed me when they finished loading her things, after 3:30pm. By this time, it was clear to me that there was no way they were going to make it to my storage unit on time, forcing me to interrupt the obligations I had the following day to meet them in New Jersey. | At 730pm the movers called me and told me that they would make it to the unit by 9:15, and therefore would not be able to deliver my belongings to my storage unit before it closed. | This company did not adhere to my contract, inconvenienced my by overbooking, as opposed to using two trucks for the two moves, added extraneous costs despite the fact the I clearly listed all of my items and even went so far as to request a tip three times before even completing the loading of me belongings onto their truck. Save yourself the trouble, do your research before hiring a company and take the time to hire a more professional company.

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