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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

They know about the spec requirements and have done a lot in the neighborhood, are knowledgable, seem to use good quality materials, and the install and finished product looked great BUT.. that did not outweigh the cons and negative experience I had as well as the fact THEY BROKE MY IRRIGATION SYSTEM. I ordered the installation a month ahead however the installation date as delayed over 2 weeks and I was not told this until THREE days before the scheduled install date ( when the install date was just confirmed a few days prior). They said it was the manufacturers fault not theirs. I asked for a discount for the inconvenience because I have 2 large dogs and a toddler and my husband was going out of town for 6 days. I couldn’t take the dogs out and my son so I had to enlist the help of my parents who live far away. I appealed to them for customer retention, goodwill and referral purposes for a discount for the inconvenience but they said no I was still going to have to pay the full price they quoted (I have nothing to compare the price to but I know aluminum is expensive material for a fence). They said no because they asked manufacturer and they wouldn’t give them one hence they couldn’t pass one along to me. They were only sporadically responsive to emails and rarely to calls. After they installed the fence (2 weeks later than contracted) they tried to charge a 3.75% credit card use fee when my contract didn’t specify that and I specifically asked if they took credit cards. Don’t get me wrong- I get that credit card companies pass fees along to some vendors that pass those along to clients BUT the vendors need to tell the clients (I have used credit cards for major purchases such as this before and no charge). They didn’t end up charging me because I fought it and the co owner Alan was nice enough to admit it was Eric’s fault for not putting it in the contract. With all these complications although the finished product was good I wouldn’t recommend them and wanted to put this out there for others looking for a fence company to not use them if you have other options. Mine was already HOA approved and too close to the holidays so I stuck with them otherwise I would not have. If you go with them you will get a good finished product and great quality but hopefully you don’t have any time constraints. Also, deal with Alan he’s much better than Eric who was pretty rude to me in the end when it was his fault he didn’t put it in the contact about the credit card charge- contract and writing rules not oops I forgot. UPDATE: One week after fence was installed and my sprinklers ran I found they busted at least 2 of my sprinkler pipes. My husband and a handyman are out there now trying to fix- I posted pics on this website. It’s obvious they tried to repair one as the pipe is severed and a piece was put in the middle DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH THE FENCE POST. WTF Fence Pros- professional to not check sprinkler lines and then break something and try to cheaply fix it? This fence was $3500 I EXPECT and SHOULD get professional quality work- this was HORRIBLE and the service sucked and now my irrigation system doesn’t work and my husband has to help and pay and handyman to fix? This is ridiculous if you are “Pros” don’t you think you should check irrigation lines before putting in a fence AND don’t you think you should tell the owner if you broke theirs and not try to cheaply patch it up. They will be hearing from us on reimbursement for the fix of our irrigation system although with your track record I’m sure you won’t reimburse us even though its BLATANTLY OBVIOUS YOU DID IT!! We took the pictures to prove it and the sprinkler system worked before and doesn’t know….hmmm doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. If they won’t reimburse will consider disputing the credit card charge in the amount of the repairs- this is absolutely ridiculous!!!! .

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