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Published: 28 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I was contacted by a person through Facebook page in last week, after contacted through Facebook she asked my email and she tried to contact me through an email account by telling me that she is Mrs. Esther Brown. She had suffering a long time ago with cancer and her personal Doctor said that she can live less than two months more. She have no child and relative, she was adopted to live when she was a baby, and her husband was died because of air crush when he worked at the US embassy in Nigeria. After labored in many years ago, her husband and she had saved some money and the majority of her money is $5 million that she had kept in the Fidelity bank Plc. According to her condition of disease, she had tried to search for her next kin that can handle and claim her fund for helping the poor. After she tried to search, all the profile that she viewed was mine. She said that God bless me and bring me to her by following the God will in order to claim her fund to help the poor as a great mission. So, she tried to contact me and said that she want to release her fund to me and ask me to use her fund for charity by helping the motherless baby home, Project development, community development and illiteracy people, especially for church and school. I was searching for different sources of the Fidelity bank Plc that could really benefit from this fund and then to find out that it was all a joke. They tried to ask me to transfer the money for them in term of the service charges of transferring the fund. After I paid the service charges fees, they said that they will transfer the fund back to me. In this case, itu2019s so stupid I am that I did not make clear beforehand. I feel so bad, lose hope, and so regret. Even though, due to this case I can learn something and lets it go by avoiding to oppose with the other case.

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