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Published: 24 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Extortion warning: | Please share with anyone in the garland/rowlett area to stay far away from this moving company final touch!!! unfortunately, i hired this company to move our belongings from our storage unit in garland to another storage in sunnyvale. | The owner jay shine proceeded to tell me that he was one of the victims of the rowlett tornado and that he and his girlfriend lee brown lost everything in the tornado This was a lie). Of course, i felt sorry for him and didn’t think twice about hiring them for the move. I spoke with his girlfriend for 30 minutes on the phone listening to her tragic story about the loss of her home and all her belongings from the tornado that hit garland and rowlett on 12/26/15. I can’t believe that i fell for this sob story. | * i was quoted & 036;195 for the simple move for 2 hours,which included 3 million dollars in insurance, 2 men, the truck, gas, mileage, and loading and unloading. Two hours was plenty of time to complete the move. | *the move was to take place on saturday 1/9/16 at 10 am. One of the movers showed up at 12 and had to wait another hour for the truck to show up…They ran out of gas a 1/4 of a mile away. | *the movers finally got there at 12:55 and didn’t begin moving until 1:00…3 hrs after the scheduled time. | *the movers had the truck completely loaded by 1:40… It only took them 40 mins. | *after my belongings were loaded on the truck, jay shine had the driver quote me & 036;580 cash only!!! | *jay shine tried to play the game of hanging up on me when i tried to discuss this insane cost…The cost was absolutely absurd!!! | ****text from jay shine: | "i’m not going to keep calling you to argue either pay or we will hold your items the cops will tell you the same thing we have been doing this a long time." | *i spoke to the young man that was driving and told him that he knows this is extortion and it’s not only wrong, it’s criminal. | * all of the back and forth on the payment was even taking up more time… It’s now 2:15 | * the other guy helping with the move, got out of the truck and said he wanted nothing else to do with this scam. He stated that it was wrong and he had been part of jay shine doing this same scam to other clients and he had had enough! | * i convinced the driver to a least drive my belongings to the other storage building where my things were to be delivered. | * once he arrived at the delivery location they were told by jay shine not to unload the truck until i paid them & 036;450 in cash!!! How did the cost go down from & 036;580 to & 036;450???) | *jay shine also had the nerve to call my 81 yr old mother and told her he wanted & 036;450 in cash or he was keeping my belongings… My sweet mother had to go to the hospital from the stress he caused her and she is still there today!!!! | *i called the local sheriff department because this conduct is absolutely criminal!!! | * before the sheriff arrived the driver drove off with all of my belongings in the truck!! | *i spoke with jay and text with him telling him he better have them return because the sheriff’s department had reported what had just happened. | *the driver finally returned with the truck 45 mins after he drove off. | *when they returned all 3 of the men doing the move came clean and told the sheriff how this company routinely commits this scam of extorting money from their clients. The young man driving was apologetic for what he had done. He knew the truck had violations and no registration, nor did he have a cdl licenses. | * the young man also stated that part of reason he had driven away was because he had been living in the truck and he had no where else to live. Jay shine is a heartless scumbag and preys on the homeless and vulnerable so he can control their participation in his scam..In my opinion. | * we are fortunate that the sunnyvale sheriffs department stayed around for hours, while we tried to negotiate this entire mess. | * finally we negotiated & 036;275 to have my belongings removed from the truck and placed in the storage… We paid the 3 movers the cash and took them home …Jay shine didn’t get his hands on any of this money!! | * the sheriff ran the truck and found multiple unpaid tickets along with other violations, so the truck had to be impounded! the storage facility where the truck had to be left is now charging jay shine for having to store the truck … Justice at its finest 🙂 | * the best part of this story is, watching these young men take a stand for what is right and making the decision to stand up to this criminal activity. The driver ended up with two tickets, no job, and no where to live by doing the right thing. I’m currently helping him to get back on his feet and find a job as a thank you for putting a stop to this scam… I’m really proud of all three of them. | Please share … Jay shine jr. At final touch is targeting victims of the garland/ rowlett tornado!!! we can not let him get away with this!!!

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