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Published: 25 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company made an appointment with me TWICE and were complete no-shows, and didn’t even communicate. I email them wanting to sell our business. They email me back a week later saying: let me know when we can discuss selling your business. So I respond giving him the name and location of our business and telling him that we’re here all day. He instantly resopnds and says “I’ll be there”. We wait all day and he doesn’t show up….(this is now the SECOND time) Then SEVEN DAYS go by and they don’t even bother emailing me back to say what happened. I then hit them up to check in, and he says : “i said i would stop by after the Holiday weekend” I then call him out on this lie and tell him that he never said that….And tell him that I”m looking at our email chain right now. And he says “i’m looking at the same thing” – Completely holding on to his lie. So so far, this guy has shown me that he’s suffering from dimentia, is forgetting things, then making up lies, and sticking to them. I ask him to forward me the email where he said that (and of course he couldn’t, because he NEVER said that)…. And instead he responds with this: “you sound like spoiled brat , parents should have raised a more mature son” This is a PROFESSIONAL CEO OF A COMPANY who’s three times my age. 1. I’m going to guess that his upbringing was much more “spoiled” than mine, considering that my family was homeless and worked very hard to build their first business. 2. He’s the one who “No-showed”. He’s the one who lied about it. He’s the one who refused to apologize and kept holding on to this lie and he’s the one who started with the rude comments. Is this somebody that you would want to do business with? Somebody that you would want to trust selling or buying a business with? An old-angry man suffering from dimentia? I literally did NOTHING wrong but set up an appointment with somebody who bailed on me, didn’t communicate for a week, lied to me, and then insulted me and my family. It’s sad that there are business-owners who would treat their customers like this. This guy is living proof that money doesn’t buy happiness.

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