First Impressions Dentistry

It is so dangerous to the health of people.

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Published: 03 August 2019

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I had been chatting with my friend, with whom I had not been in contact for a while, when she was smiling I noticed something odd about her teeth. Seeing that I had noticed the change, she started shedding tears. This led to her explaining what had happened to her used-to-be pretty teeth, she told me that she came across an ad about First impression dentistry clinic on the internet some days back during her day to day surfing. Though she was reluctant in sharing the ordeal with me, she had to because I’m so persuasive. She saw the ratings and the reviews on the internet and concluded that it was the best there could be. She immediately looked for their contact and got their address which was quite far from her area of residence. This did not bother her because she wanted one of her incisor teeth, which was different from the others cleaned; she was so excited while going there. When she arrived, she explained to the receptionist her problem. She was directed to the upper floor where the doctor’s office was located. On arriving she explained to the doctor what she needed. Though the fee was quite high, she did not care as long as it meant her tooth will be cleaned and look like the rest of the teeth. This meant she could smile easily without any discomfort. The doctor seemed to understand her, so he started the procedure immediately. The procedure was so short, though the chemicals were so bitter. The doctor advised her to clean all the teeth and she agreed. On finishing, she noticed that they had a blue-black color which the doctor assured her that it will wear off as soon as she brushes her teeth. On arrival home, she waited for 6 hours as advised by the doctor and went ahead to brush her teeth. Surprisingly the blue-black color was still there, it did not wear off even a single beat. She thought maybe she hadn’t cleaned them hard enough, after cleaning them again there was no difference from the first time. She had to wait till morning because it was a long-distance to the clinic. She decided to look at her teeth again if there was any change, surprisingly; they had started shedding off piece by piece. This was so disturbing for her, she couldn’t wait the next morning. She hurriedly bordered a taxi to the clinic, on arrival the clinic was closed which was not what was written on the signpost. It was described as a 24hour clinic. She had to cause a commotion for her to be allowed in. She went straight to the doctor’s office and asked why her teeth were that way, the doctor seemed not to care about it, he acted as if he knew the impact of the procedure. My friend demanded to see the chemical used, to her disbelief, it had expired and almost all medicine in the store had expired. She did not know what to do because the damage was irreversible. I had to share her experience because I would like to advise you not to try and even go to that clinic.

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