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Published: 06 April 2021

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Stay away! | . They take a & 036;500 deductible from the total amount they will give back to you once you file the claim. When i spoke to the sales person emanuel who was horrible, not once did he go over the insurance or offer it to me. When i received the contract and got to the part that says you will not be taking insurance out on your move i called him back he literally said " oh you want insurance?" hell yes i want insurance on the move. | 2nd in 1 section they say they do not accept jewelry etc. | I have copy and pasted what the claims department emailed me back about my stolen jewelry. | I have yet to find that section. | The sales & movers go over everything with packing, but yet not person went over that section. Why? I would think it’s a big thing to verbally discuss with the customer. They also do not have a part where you sign just like the insurance part saying you have read and understand that the above is not excepted unless you tell them. | Ask them for the pricing of the weight of the boxes. | Stolen property. It was a huge mistake to pack jewerly and i should of known better but it happen. If the whole shipping box was not returned i can’t get mad at flatrate bc at least 3/4 boxes for yours plus furniture will guarantee not be returned. | But i had gotten the box back. As i was unpacking it i found a lose ring inside the clothes i packed on top of my jewlery box and another box that was securely wrapped in painters tape. Odd? Right? The 2 boxes had the tape completely removed you could still see reminses of the tape. All my rings Besides the one i found lose in the clothes) were gone, my earrings. The brown moving box had clearly been retaped. Actually majority of my boxes looked retaped. I’m an idiot bc when i first got them back i thought the movers had to tape them more securely. I was wrong. A few beauty products had been stolen as well that were unopened yet the box they came in came back to me. | They said file a claim. I did. Between broken furniture, missing furniture etc i filed & 036;7,000 in property. With pics, websites showing the price of everything i owned. Below is a full copy of the email i got back from claims. | Dear elizabeth, | Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience that you may have experienced with your recent move. The missing items have been processed based on the terms of the bill of lading; section 5 indicates if a container packed by shipper Owner) is lost and shipper has chosen valuation coverage, carrier will only accept liability base on the estimated weight of the container multiplied by & 036;3.00 per pound for replacement cost value. I have enclosed copies of your move plan. | The results of the claim are as follows: | 2 shelves: | & 036;50.00-replace | 2 boxes: | & 036;90.00 (& 036;3.00 x 30lbs) | Storage bin: | & 036;60.00 (& 036;3.00 x 20lbs) | Clock: | & 036;171.00-replace | Ceramic bowel: | & 036;50.00-replace | Glass dresser: | & 036;171.71-replace | 2 lanterns: | & 036;130.00-replace | Table: | & 036;95.99-replace | 2 stools: | & 036;138.88-replace | Stand: | & 036;46.00-replace | Leather drawer: | & 036;295.00-repair estimate | Jewelry: | Declined- | & 036;100.00 courtesy | Box1458.58: | & 036;60.00 (& 036;3.00 x 20lbs) | Total: | & 036;1,458.58 | For the declined item, please see section 5 of your bill of lading which indicates; unless otherwise provided, the following property will not be accepted for shipment: bank bills coins or currency, deeds, notes, drafts or valuable papers of any kind, jewelry, postage stamps, stamp collections, revenue stamps, letters or packets of letters, photographs, precious stones, firearms, ammunition, contraband goods or articles manufactures therefrom or perishable articles. | After the & 036;500.00 deductible, your claim comes to & 036;958.58. Accordingly, enclosed please find a check in the amount of & 036;958.58 serving as full and final settlement for claim … Filed on 06/01/16. | **please contact vendor for repairs 718-268-2727. Vendor will honor estimate given. ** | Sincerely, | Claims department | Claims department | Office: 877-695-2595 x | [email& 160;protected] | Logo | Flatrate moving® | 27 bruckner blvd, 2nd floor | Bronx, ny 10454 | Www.Flatrate.com

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