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Published: 06 August 2019

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Flexkom is a multi-level markting company. They are currently recruiting sales reps all over the world, but mainly in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Kenya and in Trinidad Tobago. Flexkom claims to be a M-commerce company, or as they say it: M-NDF, which stands for M-commerce Networking Directsales Franchise. They say that they have this patented, new and revolutionary way of getting more customers for the small stores in town. Consumers download an app and with that app they get discount in the stores. The customer pays the full price but then gets the discount in Flexkom’s own currency, called FlexMoney, added to their app. The stores should get more customers this way because they could target the consumers with ads on their phone. But there’s more. A store can hand out these apps to consumers. This way, a consumer becomes his customer. When this customer shops in another Flexkom shop, the shop who owns this customer, gets commission.Flexkom also says that in Turkey, this system is tested and making lots of people lots of money. In order to get all the stores hooked up with the Flexkom System, they are recruiting sales reps. These sales reps have to purchase a licence. Prices for this licence range from 1500 to 3000 dollars. If the sales rap has purchased his licence, then the main goal is to recruit as much other sales reps as possible. That is because a sales rep gets commission of the turnover of these other sales reps he has in his so called team. Then, somewhere in de future, all these sales reps are going to hook up the stores to the Flexkom system. A sales rep gets commission for each transaction done in a store that he has recruited for Flexkom. Watch a youtube presentation on Flexkom, if you’d like to know what is being told by Flexkom. There are plenty of presentations out there. The presentation I link is somewhat older, when Flexkom was still an E-NDF company. Nothing much has changed, they only added an app to it, in addition to the cards. Well now, several things are going wrong here and that is why Flexkom is ripping people off. Now bear with me, this is going to be quite a list: First of all, the fact that you have to pay first in order to make money off it and that the only way of making money is to recruit other people yourselves, makes it that Flexkom is a MLM company. Flexkom sometimes likes to deny being a MLM company as MLM does not have a good reputation at all. But, by default, Flexkom is a MLM company. Being MLM does not make your company fraudulent by default, but it is common knowledge that MLM is bad business. Here’s another article on why MLM is bad. Sometimes Flexkom says that it is a franchise or some sort, but that is a poor MLM analogy. So, the fact that you are about to deal with a MLM company should raise your suspicion. Second, there is no evidence of Flexkom having any working technology. The only proof that they give is an demonstration of an Android app showing a QR code. If you scan this QR code with your phone, the two devices communicate with eachother and execute some sort of program.. Nice, but no proof in my opinion. At some presenations I’ve attended, they claimed to have a patented system. Unfortunally, no patent of Flexkom is anywhere to be found. Furthermore, the app that they have for Apple and Android devices is not working. Primary features are to include VOIP. Not sure what VOIP has to do with customer loyalty programs. This maybe has something to to with the megalomaniacal plans Flexkom has. As you can see on their official site, they also claim to have products called FlexHotel, FlexHoliday, FlexCall. Searching on the internet also reveals plans of FlexTrain, FlexTV, FlexEnergy. Flexkom clearly wants to have it all! Calling a random hotel listed on the site of Flexkom reveals that the hotels are unaware of the existence of Flexkom. None of the hotels knows anything of Flexkom.

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