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Florida Hospital

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Published: 24 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On Oct 30, 2016 my daughter went to the Florida Hospital ER in Wesley Chapel. She could not keep any food down and was throwing up each time she tried to eat. They sent her home with a prescription for nausia medicine and told her to take Metamucil. They said it was a stomach flu. That week she wasn’t getting any better and still could not keep food down. On Nov 5 she looked and felt gravely ill and went back to the Fl Hosp ER. They admitted her. They did a CAT scan and determined she did not have kidney or gall bladder stones. They put her in a small room with no door, sink or toilet. | The attending physician was muslim. He came into her room twice, both times he glared at her and sneered. She was scared. He ordered Dilaudid (hypdromorphone). In 2009 she was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic. She received Dilaudid and went into respirtory arrest. The woman sharing her room saw she had stopped breathing and immediately alerted the nurse. If the medical staff hadn’t attended to her at that point, she would have died. That is the deadly side effect of Dilaudid, Palladone (name brands). It was voluntarily pulled off the market in 2005. It’s a deadly narcotic especially when mixed with alcohol. | In 2011 she went to a hospital in Dade City, Fl. She told them not to give her Dilaudid. They were very alarmed. They said they didn’t administer that anymore, but the muslim dr at the Florida Hospital was ready to give her this opioid. Thank God she asked the nurse what he had prescribed. She told the nurse she couldn’t take it, that she had a very bad reaction previously. | No dr should be giving that drug to any patient since it was pulled because of its deadly side effect. She was then told she would have a procedure done the next day which was Sunday. On Sunday they informed her she was scheduled for Monday. By 11am Monday no procedure had been done. When she questioned why it turned out she was never on the schedule. | She wanted to go down to the cafeteria to get a little something to try and eat. They said if she left the floor she would be signing herself out. If she wanted to be treated she would have to start all over again via the ER. | A woman came in to discuss the bill which was 20,000. My daughter was charged for a regular room but was put in, what they call an efficiency, because she has no health ins. They charged her the full price for a regular room. | Her blood sugar was below 50. She could not even speak clearly. They refused her even a cup of juice. They had her on a saline drip to hydrate her. She had not eaten in 9 days. They gave her no real indication when she would be scheduled for the procedure. She still could not keep any food down. | In short, they did nothing to help her. They had no intention of doing anything to help her but kept her admitted solely to run up a bill which she cannot pay. | The nurse saw how very ill she was and offered not one ounce of compassion. The only thing the nurse kept saying was, in a facetious tone of voice, “You can leave if you want to.” The second my daughter said she was leaving because it became clear they were going to do nothing to help her, that same nurse had the papers ready for her to sign.They knew she would opt to leave and were ready and waiting. Meanwhile, she now has a 20,000 hospital bill and no cause was discovered and no treatment was administered. She is still not able to keep food down. We don’t know what to do. | For those who are reading this — DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THE FLORIDA HOSPITALS — We have nicknamed them the ‘dog hospitals’. Although, we have a dog, Jack. If they accepted animals we would not take Jack there. | It seems a good many of the hospitals in the state of Florida are acquiring quite the reputation for many unneccessary deaths. Seems like instead of trying to heal you, they are trying to kill you, whether or not you have insurance. | My next door neighbor, who has ins, had a similar experience with the Florida Hospital in Zephyrhills, Fl. Her nightmare went on for over a year and nearly ruined her health. She is now under the care of a good dr and her health is being restored. | When we arrived home I called the Fl Hosp and asked to speak to the Patient Advocate. His name is Brandon. I was irate and very upset over how my daughter had been treated. He hung up on me. | I called back and spoke to a Vicki in Risk Management. She was polite but she could have cared less. She said my daughter was welcome to come to the ER and start the process all over again. In other words, come on in sucker and we’ll rack up another 20,000 bill for you. | I don’t know how these people sleep at night. We contacted an attorney but in order to have a case there has to be permanent bodily damage. I said to the attorney, “So basically my daughter would have to die before we could file a law suit.” He said, “Yes.”He felt bad we had this experience but unless something dreadful happens there is nothing that can be done legally. | To those reading this, DON’T GET SICK IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. These hospitals are more geared for death instead of healing.

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