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Published: 15 October 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to florilli, listened to their story, and took a regional position, well what they say is regional. I ran back and forth from Kansas To georgia on their Kraft account, I worked there two weeks and my loan at the bank went through to purchase my own tractor, so I told them I need to return their truck to west liberty. As of day five I finally got a load to Michigan, and yes I got home on a friday morning, and sat the rest of the week. To drop the load and the truck off in Davenport, Truck had to be worked on day I picked it up/ Engine light came on on my way to pick up the return load. Truck died at the company drop lot/pick up facility, I sent numerous messages with not reply for several hours before I had a friend conme pick me up. They did not try to get me for abandonment but they did say I habd late pick up and deliverys, and un authorized location on my Dac report/no biggie, I still have all the bills showing ontime pickup and deliveries, didn’t hurt me at all as I am an owner operator. They did shut off my fuel card, yes where your paycheck is loaded so locking up the card so you cant get paid. I worked three weeks and got a 200.00 paycheck, not worth leaving home over, piont being, I returned the truck to a company approved facility with all the equiptment, in it that I was provoded, and they won’t pay you. But I took pictures of the truck, and the codes on the dash,and the peoplenet communications system, and rest arrured I will get paid, If I have to put a lien on the truck or company, It was not abandoned, it was turned in cleaner than when I picked it up. Very dirty back stabbing tactics from a supposedly respected company You will never see 2000 miles a week and all thier loads are days late picking up. Drivers you have been warned, If you like being away from home and not getting paid for it, perfect place to work They take double advances out of your pay that didn’t actually come off the card and charge you for the trailer wash outs!!!

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