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Published: 17 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On june 11 2012 i was empty south of chicago on I55 and my next dispatch was us cold storage Wilmington il .after emptying out i was to go git 5 tires fixed due to recaps ect. yes 5 tires completed that task n headed to wilmington area to sit till the next afternoon to load 2. around 7 pm or so they finished the load ok the trailers doors are opened up into the building n sealin the building so you cant see the load …………yes of coarse you guessed it … it was over loaded on the drives ( this is the 2nd time this has happened with 2 different company n yes the same un empolyment judge heheheh got. yeah this time florilli. i have pictures of the peaple net chat n load bol oh by the way you must be the load broker on this load n the other load before workin for you point 1 finger at yeah n snicthes 1 eye down ). so after going to gary in to wieght the load n turning around to to git fixed so this could be del on time i ran out of drive time for the day. sent dispatch mess askin for a swap driver to in sure this load wouldnt be late n yes you guessed it nope nobody around to do it. the next thing is are you quiting at that time. i called a bunch of cocain addicts n hauler click OL’E WHITCH BRAD JONES NEVER BROUGHT UP AT THE UNEMPOLYMENT HEARING HAHAHHAAA. WELL YOU GIT THE PICTURE SO THE NEXT MORNING I HEADED TO BLOOMINGTON ILL TO DROP OFF STUFF IN THE TRUCK TO MAKE LESS WIEGHT ALONG WITH THE FUEL I BURNT WOULD HAVE MADE ME TOUCH OVER GROSS ON DRIVES FEW HUNDRED AND THEN PHONE RINGS N ITS BRAD JONES . he started tellin me not to go to bloomington il ok y n where do you want me to go couldnt answer the ?. so i proceeded to bloomington ill n before i could git there the diapatcher kelsie said to go to peterbilt n turnin the truck there that peterbilt was waiting on me. i did what the message said .meaning that they fired me and i was trying to help them with the load. so applied for unempolyment n i got it . and then people lease filed a false clam n then they stop the payments .n all this time i have all this prove with pictures of chat logg just waiting for florilli to use the abandond truck issuse to keep me from gaining empolyment as a driver. welp i was approved by transport america heather jones so stop lieing bout my departure from florilli and FLORILLI CAN YOU TELL THE TRUCKIN WORLD Y YOUR COMPANY IS NO LONGER ALLOWED TO TRAVEL TO THE STATE OF FLORIDA AND WHAT THE REASON IS SO CAN REALLY GIT DOWN N DIRTY HEHEHHEHE. CUASE YOU FOOLS CANT BE SERIOUS CONVICT GOT MORE SENSE THEN YOUR CABINET IN YOUR OFFICE. BUT LIKE THEY SAY IF YOU DIG YOURSELF A HOLE MOST PEOPLE STOP DIGGIN BUT NOT FLORILLI THEY STILL TOSSIN DIRT OUT OF THE THERE HOLE MAKING THERE PROBLEM DEEEEP

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