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Published: 05 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought an RV and I got rid of my automobile. Because Geico’s auto policy didn’t cover a motorhome that was manufactured before 2002, they referred me to a sister company called Foremost Insurance Company. | I trusted Geico’s recommendation and I was transferred. They were saying that my policy was going to be $243.00 for liability only and the most basic insurance for a 6 month policy. | I wasn’t happy with that I couldn’t receive full coverage due to the age of my vehicle right now and it was in the hands of the reviewers whether they could ever give me full coverage. I needed some insurance now and the other companies didn’t even give me quotes so I said how much is this going to cost. | Their first reply was I want 243 dollars now; the entire cost of the insurance policy up front out of pocket after I just paid geico almost 200 dollars before switching. I said no I can’t afford that today. They kept asking me for 75%, then 50% and wouldn’t let me have the policy unless I paid around 65 dollars. I paid it. | I requested for insurance cards in an email and I never received the virtual cards until December 27th of last year when I signed up for the policy on December 2nd. I never received my paper policy until December 29th in the mail. I was very greatful they didn’t pull me over because I had to leave where I was saying on December 5th. | The RV broke down about 500 miles into the trip. It was announced that it was unfixable without sinking 3 times what we paid for it for it to be functional. I decided to cancel the insurance and go with Good Sam as a buffer until we could get back to New York. | When I called to cancel on January 9, 2017, I was told that I had to pay 41.42 to cancel my policy. I said that this was an unfair business practice and this is consumer fraud that I was never told of the so called 100 dollar minimum premium that New York State charges for RV insurance or something like that. I got quotes and talked to Geico and they never heard of that before. | Foremost’s response was canned and said that I should’ve known better and that Geico goes and reads their policies and reviews them before consumers even see them. When I asked the representative, they confirmed that they have no knowledge of Foremost’s policies. | Out of six representatives I spoke with at Foremost, all of them made it clear that no business is done on the weekends and I was never referred to the supervisor until the very last one I spoke to finally did. | The supervisor’s name was Jesse. I explained this to him and he was no help either. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on January 9th, and then I filed a complaint with the Department of Finance of New York State. | I received no updates on my complaints or any response for this complaint when they guaranteed an answer within 6 weeks. | All I was asking for was $44.08, not including the fees or remaining balance I paid for the policy. This isn’t fair or ethical on any level. | I want the company to change their policies, shut down or have the company pay restitution to the victims who signed up with a company who doesn’t disclose the minimum premium payment of $100 no matter the length of time with the policy.

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