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Published: 06 October 2019

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As a Forensic Loan Examimer, I attended Azusa Pacific University (2010-2011) advanced BSOL Program; The American School of Mortgage Banking, Certified/Loan Processing (2005), Certified/Escrow II (Victorvalley College -2005); Loan Signing Specialist (Crafton Hills College – 2005); Principles of Real Estate – Prudential/Dept. of CA Education -2005) Notary; worked at Pioneer Title/Contract Dept./ Proof Reader. SHOCKING NEWS: I became a “”victim”” to Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, (CEO -Martin Bonanno), posing as UBS AG TAMPA BRANCH, as in “”grand theft”” home. The Deed of Trust was “”null and void,”” as confirmed by the Documents recorded by the CA Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board, that Mortgage Electronics Registration Systems INC (MERS), as nominee for Beneficiary, was “”SUSPENDED”” from 2002, until “”MERS”” re-registered in 2010. My loan was procured and cancelled during 2007. See: Glaski v Bank of America (2013), Supreme Court, CA. FRAUD * FRAUD * FRAUD! Underwriters of UBS AG Tampa Branch, located in Colorado, an unlicensed Office of the OCC, (confirmed by letter from OCC), named the Trustee as First American Title Insurance Co., without indemnity or knowledge of their fuduciary responsibility to the Deed. Neither, did they issue the ALTA Policy, paid by the Borrower. All commun-ication was ignored by them. Fidelity/San Diego was instrumental in the Escrow and Title, receiving the loan packet. After Notary left my home, the documents were forged, then recorded. I had pulled critical papers out of the packet, unknown to the Notary, when she refused to cancel the loan. When UBS AG Tampa Branch received my 3 day Notice to Cancel an unconscionable loan, they immediately advanced the loan info. to Cenlar/dba: UBS Home Finance. It was then transferred to dba: UBS/Special Servicing Group, (CEO Martin Bonanno/CA), who changed the name and servicing to UBS AG New York Branch (CEO Martin Bonanno), an unlicensed office of the OCC (confirmed, by letter from Police Report), which was changed to ACT Properties LLC (2009 – Foreclosure process began), when Bonanno changed the name to Rushmore Loan Management Services c/o USA Residential Properties LLC. Under TILA, I recorded (public record), a Notice to Cancel a blank Deed, underlying the Note, includes notice of Regulation Z. As soon as I started mailing certified dispute letters to UBS AG New York, the shell game had already begun. To make “”a long story short,”” Rushmore (CEO – Martin Boonanno) filed false documents using in-house employees and their Notaries, self recorded a “”substitution of Trustee,”” to start the eviction process; “”alleged”” as having a creditor status, hired Northwest Trustee Services to sell my home July-2012 to Chineese Nationals’. Bonanno hired Wright, Finlay and Zak LP for the Unlawful Detainer and Eviction and recorded a Trustee Deed Sale in the County Recorder Office. Sadly, the lawyer I hired for the UD, Rollin Rauschl of San Bernardino County, did not show up in court, did not file any motions and failed to present any evidence to the court. I LOST! I owned my home, however the 3 day Notice to Cancel went to an unlicenced office in Colorado, posing as UBS AG Tampa Branch. Martin Bonanno also posed as UBS AG Tampa Branch, instrumental in the cover-up. The phone numbers provided, may have changed, however I learned how to stop a sale, after the fact. Forensic Docuements Research/written by Pamela Zander (760) 617-7989.

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