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Published: 19 August 2017

Posted by: Michael S. Groves

Michael W. Wimmer, a former chiropractor from Ogden was accused of sexually assaulting a patient. He was sentenced to prison by District Judge Brent West for a period of 30 days, on 2nd. He has also been put on 36 months of probabtion.
The 68 year old pleaded guilty of third-degree felony (1 count) – lewdness. According to court records, this was an enhanced charge based on two previous lewdness convictions.
Wimmer told the judge that he felt a lot of remorse and regret before the sentence was handed down. He even thanked the victim for coming forward, and told everyone that he was looking forward excitedly to the counseling and therapy he would receive.
Initially, a second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse charge was filed in 2014, says Deputy Weber County Attorney Ben Willoughby. Following this 17 different women came forward and made claims of their own, all stating that Wimmer had touched them inappropriately when he was treating them. All these incidents seem to have happened at the Wimmer Chiropractic Center, 413 Washington Blvd.
Last June, Wimmer supposedly groped the breasts and buttocks of one of these women during an appointment. She told the judge that she was now more jaded and guarded because of his actions. Caution and distress is the approach she has now towards healthcare professionals. She called it a crime of manipulation and calculation, and said that it didn’t have anything to do with passion or opportunity. She feels that Wimmer hasn’t been held fully responsible for violating so many of his patients.
Wimmer himself admitted that he had performed an act of lewdness under circumstances in which he knew his actions would have offended the other person, in a plea agreement document. As part of this document, he also agreed to surrender his chiropractic license. Defense attorney Russell Farr confirmed that Wimmer would not be able to practice as a chiropractor for the rest of his life.
Out of his two prior lewdness convictions, one was in the 1970s in California, and the other one was in 1994, in Utah. Records from the Department of Professional Licensing show that Wimmer pleaded no contest to misdemeanor lewdness involving a patient in November 1994. His license was revoked in October 2006 after he stipulated to having acted inappropriately with a female patient. However, DOPL stayed the revocation after Wimmer agreed to a three year probationary period. He underwent a psychosexual evaluation at his own expense. This report came out on the 5th of August 2015.
24th February 2015: Police got 30 voice mails from women who also claimed to be touched inappropriately by Dr. Michael Wimmer. This was on the day after the media reported that he had been charged with forced sexual abuse, according to a detective.
A preliminary hearing was held on Monday for the 67 year old. The hearing went on for 4 and a half hours. Ultimately, Judge Brent West of the 2nd District Court in Ogden charged him with a second degree felony – one count of forcible sexual abuse. He ruled that there was enough evidence to bind the case over for trial after the preliminary hearing was over. Wimmer entered a not guilty plea to the charge against him. Another hearing has been scheduled of the 11th of March.
Wimmer has been practicing as a chiropractor was 34 years. After his arrest in October, he surrendered his license to practice voluntarily. He ran the Wimmer Chiropractic Center at Washington Blvd. He neither admits nor denies the criminal allegations that were made against him, according to a state order. Until the case that has been filed against him is resolved, he has agreed to temporarily surrender his license to practice.
Travis Gerfen, Ogden Police Detective said that on the day after the news reports about Wimmer’s arrest, on Monday, he had 30 voice mails on his office phone. They were all from women who said that Wimmer had inappropriately touched them as well. When Gerfen began investigating the case, he found that Wimmer had pleaded no contest in 1994 to lewdness. Wimmer’s license had also been suspended by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing in 2006, after he had a sexual relationship with a patient. It was only in 2009 that his license had been reinstated.
Gerfen also said that he had gotten written statements from most of the women who had called him. Some of these statements were read out loud in the courtroom. In their statements, women wrote that Wimmer had touched their breasts and buttocks inappropriately. One woman added that she had been kissed by the chiropractor in front of her child. Many of them said that they didn’t report the incidents because they were shocked and also because they thought no one would believe them.

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