Forskolin Fuel, Health Buy, Discount RSVP,

Forskolin Fuel, Health Buy, Discount RSVP, Review

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Published: 30 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered a 6 month supply of forskolin fuel online for $119.85. I was looking forward to receiving the product. Then, i kept receiving a call from 489-9748 in my area code which i didn’t recognize. I’d call them back but they weren’t available so didn’t know who this was. Today, i answered the call from 489-9748 from a fast talking man confirming my order and information. Then he started talking really fast about membership and then he started mumbling his words and there was a lot of static in the background. When i told him to slow down as i had no idea what he had just said, he got really rude. I then asked him his name and id which he said was michael chaves, he said he had no employee id. I tried to talk to him, asking him to please slow down, and he kept talking over me, i couldn’t get a word in. Is this their customer service? He got really hot under the collar and made me feel real bad, like i had no business asking him to explain what he had just done. I looked at my printed receipt, and noticed there is no company name or phone number, except a website at the bottom called customer service: i clicked on the link, found this number 818-303-9260 and called the company back. I got the same static reception, and got some fast talking filipino woman named was michelle, who said their company name was I asked where they were based and she said pacoimo, california. She then said i had also been charged $9.95 for membership which she said i had approved – this is so not true! when i said i didn’t, she quickly said it was cancelled and she wanted to hang up. I kept her on the phone wanting to talk to her supervisor – she said they didn’t have anyone available. I then researched healthbuy and saw a lot of derogatory reviews about them and how people’s accounts were being charged right and left. So i called them back, goto the same static reception and same sounding filipino woman, who this time was named anne, and i requested they cancel my entire purchase since their website they guaranteed 100& 37; satisfaction. At this point, i was very dissatisfied with their customer service and erroneous charge and was afraid they might clean out my account! They said i was already charged the $119.85 and couldn’t get that refunded and if i returned the product, i would be charged an additional $10 per bottle, which at 6 bottles, would cost me another $60 + additional shipping costs i’d incur. Anyway, the story goes on and on, i couldn’t get my full refund. I then said i’d investigate their company and report them. She quickly turned around and said they would refund me for $20+ and i said these were 6 bottles at $60…The cost for the bottles that they were about to charge me had i returned the bottles). She turned around and said i would get a refund of $59. Supposedly i am getting $59 back which isn’t the full amount i spent in the first place, but she wanted me to feel good that i was getting the bottle cost refunded! what a bunch of baloney) again, very fast talking, talking over me, not listening to my side of the conversation, and then talking down to me about the money i was being refunded. Let’s see if i in fact see the $59 or the additional $9.95 – which is still wouldn’t give me my whole $119.85 back. I am very really leery of how this company or are they a bunch of companies in cahoots? Or is are all one and the same? So i called my bank and there was a hold placed for both the $119.85 from forskolin and the $9.97 – from discount rsvp – another company name! I am not sure if i will see any of this money back, so buyer beware!

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