Four Seasons Painting Services LLC

Four Seasons Painting Services LLC

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Published: 19 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired this guy to do some patio painting. He gave me a quote. I agreed to the quote. I diecided to do dry wall on some walls and ceiling. He gave me another quote. I also decided to to hire hm for painting. He gave me a new quote that inclused all the work. He said he took pay pal so I pad him through paypal 1/3 the cost of the job. I also bought about $700 in supplies. Drywall, paint and everything he said he needed to get the job done. | He told me he was going to begin on a certain date. I was going out of town so I stayed up till 4 am to get everything ready for him to complete the job. He ended up not starting the job for a week later. When I was there, he and his partner would slam the doors, leave doors open and cranck the music. I had to ask to turn it down out of respect to my neighbors. I was on my way home, (the day before Thanksgiving) and as I am going to the airport, Frank sends me a video of my house and it is a complete mess and told me that I should not come home because my house was not in liveable condition. So I have to change my flight and cancel all of my travel and Thanksgiving plans. Franklin called me and said he could not dry wall the ceiling because they were falling down. It did not make much sense but I went along with it. | I paid him my first payment as I said via paypal and he just set paypal up and they help part of his payment. Because Paypal help part of his payment, he wanted me to pay him more money. I was not able to do that so I was able to get paypal to release the held funds. Before I got home, he kept saying that he needed final payoment and he send me an invoice that was almost double the amount that we agreed upon. He tried to scam me into paying more money and when I asked him where he got these numbers as they were not numbers that were in our agreement. He tried to come up even with a fake invoice number and then tried to tell me that he was discounting me for the work he didn’t do. Then said that he returned all the dry wall that he did not use for the 5 ceilings that he never did. He said he had the invoice but when I asked for it, he could not provide it and took off with all the dry wall. It was not refunded to me. He broke my door knob and my lock. Never even told me. I had a guy working on my floors and he told me that Fraklin never covered anything and the drywall was all over my house and I am having to get it professionally deep cleaned. I am having to have walls redone because the paint is so sloppy. | So when I get home, my house is a total mess. Globs of dry wall and paint all over newly finished floors. A stain on my brand new $300 matress cover that I was planning on returning. My white floors completely trashed and had to get them professionaly cleaned. I had even bought him a roll of plastic to cover them. He probably used at another job. The ceilings that he said he could not dry wall, have since been dry walled. He was too lazy to do them and told me he had spent enough time at my house and had another job to go to. He never completed the painting on the patio. He said it was getting too cold to paint oustside. | He kept pushing me to make the final payment without seeing the job. He called me and started raising his voice at me so I hung up on him. After seeing all the damage at my house and the work that he did not do, I realized he was going to owe me money. | So this was my experience with 4 Seasons Painting & Services.

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