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Published: 28 June 2019

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Starting back in mid april of 2015 i came accross a web site advertising iphones for an incredible price. the problem was its in china, but they have a fairly good web site and have been doing business for a long time. they sell apple laptop computers iphones as well as several other brands and tabbaco product marbaro and newports. i think they advertise at the web site and call them selfs Beijing Foxconn trade company co ltd. when you search this on the web it turns out that this company makes apple and other products and have alot of brands that they manufacture electronics for with a lot of resent worker problems or better put abuse of there employees. ok that being said theres alot of info about this company on the web. so anyways after about two weeks of back and forth emails with a Mr. Hank lin i wired 890.00 via western union. i Had the option to wire directly to there company bank account as well. but that requried a week long clearing process. so with all this info and and bank account info i chose to wire it for faster service. so as i said i sent 890.00 to them for 2 iphone6 plus 1 64 gb device and 1 128gb device and right away there were problems and the they sent me 2 china post tracking numbers when the aggrement was dhl world wide shiping who is listed as one of there business customers with there logo on the web site as well as western union and other banking and shipping and acredation co logos we had established thst if all went well we would be doing alot of business and that i already had several thousand dollars worth of orders that i would be making as soon as this first deal proved lajit. but days went buy with no activity on the tracking numbers. they just show as received by the china post a nither lajidament business. this mr hank lin kept emailing me every day wanting to know if i was going to send him more money for orders i had pending and even said he could now ship fed ex and that i would receive my products in 5 days. but i was not going to send anymore money till the first 2 phones showed up. after two weeks i knew i had ben scammed and repeatly tried to get a responce from him with no luck. till the 2nd week of may when he sent me a message that was post dated 6 days earlyer saying my items were in custums and that i need to send him another 50 bucks each to get them out of custums before 7 days was up or they would be distroyed. i of course refused and asked him to refund my money like he had been saying the whole time sence he sent me the 2 tracking numbers. now i can not get a responce and when i go to there page the chat app always ask how it can help and when i ask about my products or my monety or for hank lin theres no more responce. but if i act like i trying to buy something the chat continues they are stl openly doing busness and have screwed me good and i cant get them kicked off the web. no one responds for the internet providers and they continue to do business without a care. i seen that some one else has filed a report and want to say this company is ripping people off. i have all the email invoices for the product i bought i receipt for the wire and nothing else and i cant get past there web page to the management of this company and none of the business partners have done a thing either about being assoc to yhis company. thats wertern union dhl and several other companys whose logo is on there site with what appears to be a cosigning of this business. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME GET MY 890.00 BACK .

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