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Published: 17 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Hey, I’m just a “Simple Girl” that sells “MaryKay Cosmetic Products” trying to make a living in this “Screwed Economy”, so I get the idea that I need to try and do more online, to my disappointment I get RippedOff and the screws put to me even more by Quan Nguyen of / / GigaBox Hosting LLC , they completely stoled my $16.63 USD and refused to provide me with any service in return when I noticed that their Server Setups are all on “Trial Version” Windows SoftWare that should not even be used in a Production Environment much less charging the General Public with, this violation of MicroSoft Terms of Agreement should be reported to MicroSoft ! This in addition to the fact that they advertise they grant you “Admin Access” on their RDP servers, which is really just an Win 7 account that they grant you with “Sub-Admin Access” for only 24-Hours resulting in your being only a users on their “Trial Version” Windows SoftWare with your account below their Admin account thus giving Quan Nguyen of / / GigaBox Hosting complete access to steal your Data and any SoftWare along with the SoftWare Keys that you install with them having Admin Access to simply change your Password and enter your Windows Account to snoop and steal your Data / SoftWare keys! We will also be informming MicroSoft as to Quan Nguyen of / / GigaBox Hosting using “Trial Version” Windows SoftWare to charge the General Public with ! We tried to work to a resolution with Quan Nguyen of / / GigaBox Hosting, to avoid posting this, but instead of trying to make the customer whole, they result to calling the customer a SCAMMER and simply keep the customer’s money, INCREDIBLE, their response was: Do whatever you want to ! Quan Nguyen of / / GigaBox Hosting only resolve is to try and win PayPal’s NO REFUND policy on Intangible / Electronic Service transactions, not to resolve anything with the customer, in short, STEAL YOUR HARD EARNED CASH, DON’T LET THEM DO IT TO YOU, IF PAYPAL REFUSES TO RETURN YOUR MONEY FROM THESE THIEVES (Quan Nguyen) AT / / GigaBox Hosting THEN FILE A “CHARGEBACK” WITH YOUR VISA / MASTERCARD COMPANY AND MAKE Quan Nguyen of / / GigaBox Hosting EAT NOT ONLY THE LOSS OF THE MONEY THEY TRIED TO STEAL FROM YOU BUT ALSO THE LOSS OF HAVING TO PAY THE $25.00 USD PAYPAL CHARGEBACK FEE ! WE ARE NOW FILING WITH VISA / MASTERCARD, LEFT UP TO Quan Nguyen of / / GigaBox Hosting WE WOULD RECEIVE ABSOLUTELY “NOTHING” FOR OUR CASH THEY RECEIVED, THEY WOULD RATHER US POST THIS POST WHICH WILL COST THEM A LOT MORE THAN THE SIMPLE $16.63 USD THEY STOLE THAN REFUND THE $16.63, PURE CROOKS ! BUYER BEWARE – of Quan Nguyen of / / GigaBox Hosting – BUYER BEWARE !!! Summary: (Quan Nguyen of / / GigaBox Hosting is a Un-Scrupulous Person / Company with zero morals, all they are concerned about is trying to win a PayPal Dispute against you and steal your money, providing the service the customer paid for is of “No Importance to /, RUN AWAY DON’T WALK AWAY FROM / COMPLETE SCAMMERS, The only thing that they got correct is their name / , a MONSTER that will take your HARD EARNED CASH AND LEAVE YOU HANGING DRY WITH “NOTHING”) .

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