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Published: 28 September 2019

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Frank Fanella aka Francis Fanella When you’re thinking of hiring Frank Fanella as your attorney, you better think again. Since he owes money to the IRS he will steal from anybody just to get out of it. He took thousands of dollars from me and accomplished absolutely nothing. He is charged with criminal tax fraud and has IRS liens on his properties. He is trying to avoid paying the IRS by transferring his properties into other family member names. That’s going to catching up with him Frank Fanella takes all cases that comes thru the door, without regard to whether he has any experience or chances of winning such case. He wastes time, delivers poor service, taking advantage of blue-collar residents of Glendale Heights and surrounding areas. He is the kind filth that defends animal abusers and killers with bogus arguments in court and loses No other attorney wanted to take on that case. His credit is so bad that he has to ask his 72-year-old father to obtain mortgage loans for him. His poor father can also be prosecuted because he engaged in ownership and occupancy misrepresentations to the lender and the government These perpetrators are falsifying occupancy rates on their rent rolls and flipping properties to arms-length purchasers. Do they not remember signing the occupancy disclosure? Frank Fanella and his family are taking advantage of Homeowners Exemption in order to pay smaller property taxes. Their names are changed in transaction records to hide the long list of properties. That’s theft of government property, a Class 1 Felony. Frank Fanella is a deadbeat doesn’t even send child support payments to his ex-wife Claire and children He has also been encouraging homeowners to lie and short-sell their home to their family members to avoid foreclosure and cut the mortgage amount in hald. Except that’s illegal when you lie about it to the bank and federal agency such as FannieMae. Even attorneys are sentenced for that kind of stuff Report: BofA Employee Arrested for Short Sale Fraud. Now most of these homeowners will be investigated for his faulty advice. Frank Fanella’s IRS liens can be found in public records: IRS Tax Lien 1 Name: Frank M Fanella Type: FEDERAL TAX LIEN Amount: $18,824 Court: DU PAGE RECORDER OF DEEDS Case Number: TMS ID: HGR201300454718824ILDUXC1 Jurisdiction: Illinois Debtor Address: 1771 Bloomingdale Rd, GLENDALE HEIGHTS, IL 60139 Creditor: INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE IRS Tax Lien 2 Name: Frank M Fanella Type: FEDERAL TAX LIEN Amount: $25337.40 Case Number: 12R032698 Court: DU PAGE RECORDER OF DEEDS TMS ID: HGR201203269825337ILDUXC1 TMS ID: CL2012R032698 Debtor Address: 341 Cardinal Dr, BLOOMINGDALE, IL 60108 Creditor: INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE IRS Tax Lien 3 Name: Frank M Fanella Type: FEDERAL TAX LIEN Amount: $10953.49 Court: DU PAGE RECORDER OF DEEDS Case Number: 01241881 TMS ID: CL2000147813 TMS ID: HGR200014781310953ILDUXC1 Debtor Address: 230 Winston Ln, BLOOMINGDALE, IL 60108 Creditor: IRS While the Better Business Bureau might endorse him in exchange for yearly dues, the truth is they are not aware of whom they’re dealing with Do they care or is it all just about the money? Frank Fanella aka Francis Fanella Phone 630-894-0583, 630-529-1101, 630-462-7646, (815) 513-8219 Fax (630) 462-7698 (email address removed by admin) 1771 Bloomingdale Rd, Glendale Heights, IL 60139 341 Cardinal Dr, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 1769 Bloomingdale Rd, Glendale Heights, IL 60139 230 Winston Ln, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 11680 N 114th Pl, Scottsdale, AZ 85259 1740 Bloomingdale Rd, Glendale Heights, IL 60139 330 Hampton Ct, Unit D, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 We wonder whether the IRS knows about all his properties and how he tries to hide them. Address City Owner Name 100 N Bokelman St 130 Roselle Fanella Frank W 341 Cardinal Dr Bloomingdale Fanella Frank 330 Hampton Ct 135 Bloomingdale Fanella Frank W/Fanella L R 1934 Bentley Ct D Glendale Heights Fanella Frank/Fanella Letitia 1934 Bentley Ct C Glendale Heights Fanella Frank W/Fanella L R 2000 N Lincoln Ave Chicago Fanella Frank M 2000 N Lincoln Ave Chicago Fanella Frank W If all this is not enough this 56 year-old still drives like a teenager, burning tires when driving: PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS -VS- FRANK FANELLA, Case 2001TR139931, SQUEALING OR SCREECHING TIRES Is this enough facts to have him stop or do you think he needs some more? Your comments are welcomed. I hope that you do not make a mistake like me and hire this crook! If you experience problems with Frank Fanella file a complaint with Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission As the Attorney Commission describes on their website nothing is more resented than an attorney extending issues indefinitely in order to bill the client more money. That is exactly what Frank Fanella does.

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