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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is a long continuos season in my life and will continue; but for 2.5 years of being misdiagnosed, having unneccessary surgeries and proceedures that will have a lifetime effect on my and my families lives. Long story short I had saline breast implants placed 1998, my mther had breast and ovarian cancer diagnosed 2001 therefore my mammograms started to monitor me. Fast fwd to 2010; I started to have blurred vision, and unexplained weight gain and as a physically fit model, mom, registered dental hygienist and athlete, I was stunned to be unable to lose it and keep it off. By the spring 2011 my vision was really bad, the eye doc told me I had Graves Disease which led to a whole bunch of other tests and misdiagnosis that now we realize were not the issue. I had gotten so sick, I could not speak and I could no longer practice as a Regisitered Dental Hygienist and still to date can not. Fast fwd Sept 2013 as I am still so sick I called my general doc due to my breast pain getting so bad, The appt is schedule about 10 days away. On Sept 27, 2013 I wake up to do my self exam and I can not find my implant; by this time I had gained 68-70lbs so when i stand up I can not tell it is not there. I turn for a side view and notice there is no top fullness and I wake my husband. I start getting sicker and sicker as the weekend goes on and my appt is Mon, Sept 30, 2013. At my appt. I tell the 2 techs in the room I think I ruptured and after an image is taken one of the techs state, “yes it is ruptured, but we saw the leak 2 years ago”. I immediately say what? Then I knew with all my heart this is why I am so sick. I asked to see my images since no one had ever shown me my mammos and my doctors only get a written report. A tech walked me to the image room and as a Dental Hygienist, I know how to read xrays. The radiologist is looking at my films from 2 years ago comparing to that days films. even I could tell something was wrong in 2011, but I can visualize in my head my written report which stated “normal”. I rush home and find the report from 2011. sure enough it says “normal”. Tues Oct.1, 2013, I call FWBMC to let them know about what happened. Later that day I get a call from Dr. McKnight, head of radiology stating I was mistaken in what I heard and saw: he was unaware of my hygiene license and unaware I used to be a plastic surgeons scrub tech. Wed. Oct 2, 2013 I go to get a copy of all my films from 2008 to 2013. When I open the images i was shocked at what I saw. Something was inside my rt implant and it was less and less matter as I went back in the years, yet all my reports state normal. So to start in earlier years and go fwd; the matter grows which tells me it is a living organism. Had I been able to view my reports I would have gone and had my implants exchanged or removed sooner. but, a normal report year after year made me think I was wrong. As my body temp drops to 93-94 degrees, I finally type in a google search mold inside saline breast impants and I find many surgeons who state this is an issue along with silicone. S Since my husband is the sole provider for our family, one of my best friends takes me to Atl, GA to see a surgeon who not only specializes in ex-plant. She had issues and survivored herself and is one of the mold/silicone experts. As I sat there so sick, she started to rattle off symptoms other doctors claim were in my head. I met her tuesday 4;15pm and was in surgery 6:30 thur Oct. 31, 2013 to have ex-plant surger. the photos show the mold inside the left implant that is still intact and the stains from the right whiched ruptured and spilled all inside of me almost killing me. I have permanent effects. I did write a letter to FWBMC and they wanted to meet with me since my sister in law used to be Risk Managemnet inSC, she helped guide me into talking with the hospital, since my husband works for their sister hospital. They played phone tag with me and eventually stopped calling. I want radiologist to know they NEED to show all mammograms to the patient before allowing the to leave. Had I seen mine even as early as 2003 strange dots appeared and that was before digital xrays were available. I decided instead of sueing I would publically show my records and I plan on doing a quiet protest in front of the hospital now that I am 6 months post op of life saving surgery. The public needs to know about this. Attorneys would make me keep quiet.

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