Gabriela Dworecki Domingues (Santo Daime Paris, UK, Brazil)

Involvement in Trafficking Drugs, Arrests at Festivals, 40 litres of Ayahuasca confiscated in Paris, Mocking Witnesses to Courts as Mentally Sick.

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Published: 24 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymously

Gabriela Dworecki Domingues, a member of the UK Santo Daime Church stopped laughing when she was caught out helping out in the crime of international drug trafficking, organizing illicit substance retreats and attempting to humiliate or intimidate people wrongly blamed for police raids at Adrian Freedman’s Summer Camps. She was ratted out for setting up gatherings in various countries and importing banned substances for Adrian Freedman from Brazil whilst being a sponsor of nasty harassment of those helping the authorities, Courts and the police to stop Freedman trafficking in banned substances. Gabriela Dworecki Domingues was caught out trying to discredit a witness to Court as a mentally retarded criminal, a spastic and a peodophile. She alluded to she had mental health problems after being an advocate of the use of many substances that led to various high profile deaths and suicides leading the authorities to outlaw Santo Daime.

Her Facebook pages helped the authorities to arrest various people in the Santo Daime Church in several countries, her attempt to find people to be nasty to Court Witnesses did not end well. No-one wanted to get involved after those that did were the targets of police raids finding many substances including sacks of weed, LSD, hashish and in one instance a cannabis farm with over 1, 000 plants was raided just before harvest. In other instances each time her people or Adrian Freedmans people got nasty, police actions followed and people were arrested carrying the Santo Daime substance or producing drugs to sell at music events and festivals.

One person was found with 70 litres of ayahuasca and 240 doses of hashish, then the police found 900 individual doses of liamba, 1, 800 doses of hashish, 3, 650 doses of MDMA, 75 doses of cocaine, and 1, 100 doses of amphetamines were seized in total, along with 1, 216 ecstasy tablets, 801 LSD ‘micro-stamps’, 26 bottles of liquid LSD, 40 LSD-impregnated chewing gums, 216 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, 492 grams of DMT-impregnated plant substances, 130 grams Ketamine, 77 grams of opium, and 47 mescaline micropoints.

As of October 21st 2019 a total of 9 people including Freedman and Domingues in the Santo Daime Church were referred to Public Prosecutors to be named in Court Injunctions prohibiting intimidation after Freedman and Domingues thought that threatening people with murder was funny. Further applications were made to name them in the restraining orders. They found it a laughing matter and stood behind the mockery including encouraging people to taunt witnesses to the Courts with serious violence and murder whilst also being caught out hiding people from police and finding others to mock them as mentally sick.

The South Africa Police also took other information about the names, passport details and date of birth details of Adrian Freedman and his assistants involved in organizing forbidden drug parties in far away lands, opening up investigations into Ayahuasca and Santo Daime retreats operating in South Africa in various locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg. In his stupidity, Adrian Freedman and his admin named Gabriela Dworecki Domingues posted on their Facebook Pages the names and addresses of his hosts involved in banned substance retreats as well as links to their websites. They were all passed on to the South African Police Forces investigating foreigners entering the country to engage solely in the activity of international drug trafficking.

Adrian Freedman was referred to the South African authorities in Cape Town in September 2019 in relation to substantiated allegations of substance trafficking after his people threatened to murder those helping the authorities to stop him trafficking in banned substances internationally.

The South African Police take a dim view of the white man turning up in South Africa to traffick in banned substances whilst looking down at the black man, especially foreigners with police records for drug trafficking.  They took many dossiers and files containing names and addresses of Santo Daime people in South Africa involved in poking fun at the South African Police Force on social media claiming they would never catch on to what they were doing. The South African Police Force took a keen interest when it transpired his retreat centres and hosts are places to raid for big sacks of weed, LSD and bottles of hallucinogenic substances.

Directors of the Santo Daime Church were involved in the incitement of witness harassment, threats of violence as well as attempts to discredit witnesses as mentally sick pedophiles. Others were involved in threats of serious harm, violence and murder causing the authorities to step in and press criminal charges. Prosecutors filed petitions with a Portuguese Court for damages claims for malicious defamation and witness tampering to be served against several members of the Church after its members were making trouble for those assisting police in their inquiries into child abuse, drug trafficking and cross-border drug smuggling.

Adrian Freedman and Gabriela Dworecki Domingues were unable to muster up enough support to denounce a Court witness to substance dealing as a mentally sick and deranged peodophile and instead had to dissolve the organisation known as the Santo Daime Church.

Gabriela Dworecki Domingues admitted she was mentally sick and had mental health problems. She stopped laughing after her people were caught out sharing witness information in defiance of Article 21. Adrian Freedman and Gabriela Dworecki Domingues went to Paris to play music in August 2019 and decided to sponsor the mocking of a Court witness with taunts of being maliciously defamed as a sick rapist and a peodophile, as well as threats of serious data violations, violence and murder against those assisting police. They told victim stories and ordered some witness threats along with some nasty GDPR violations, in Paris. The websites that collected the threats picked up IP addresses.

Just two weeks later armed police stormed the house of a Parisian Santo Daime leader who was caught with 40 kilos of ayahuasca and filed criminal charges, the group claimed the police were violent whilst claiming they had every right to rebel against the law and be disobediant.

That breaking the law, with intent, includes the trafficking in Class A drugs and smuggling drugs on an international scale in defiance of the authorities, the Courts and the police, as well as obstructing justice and organizing the serious intimidation of witnesses, including threats of murder and violence.

In 2018 and 2019 the authorities decided enough was enough, the authorities and the Courts throughout Europe denied Adrian Freedman and his Churches the freedom for Santo Daime.

Those bans came from the Danish Supreme Court, the Dutch Court of Appeal, the UK High Court, several Courts in Belgium, a Court in Ireland as well as several Public Ministries. Adrian Freedman was behind a campaign of malice against those called to give evidence in Court and was caught out telling tales, lying and fabricating victim stories whilst organizing threats of murder and violence.

They claimed police brutality and that the police were violent.

Adrian Freedman by proxy tried to fob off several witnesses in Court cases with threats, lies or tales of being wrongly victimized and arranged for others to post nasty slander to try and shut up witnesses in Court cases or those helping police in their investigations into cross-border drug smuggling.

It is his defiance that is the problem, other people follow him and become defiant also.

The end result is a defiant army of substance traffickers on a mission to be at war with authority and the state. They lose because they have not learned the lessons of maturity and wisdom, to leave childhood rebellion behind where it belongs, in childhood.

It points out to those who are claiming persecution to start growing up and facing the truth of their problems. The problem for the Santo Daime is they believe they are immune to law and moral consequence, import and deal in substances, can do what they like, stick their fingers up at the Courts and those who tell them to behave themselves and believe they can threaten to murder people without consequence.

However in this matter there is a consequence, unwanted and adverse negative attention for the Santo Daime Church as well as further rulings of prohibition in the Courts and a renewed intolerance for the Santo Daime by the State.

The Santo Daime Church in Norway were told to expect a similar police raid, targeting Brazilians and Church leaders importing banned substances into Norway. Freedman realized finding people to be malicious on the internet or telling sick lies about witnesses to the Courts backfired as IP addresses collected from such malice was used by the authorities to give away locations for police to start smashing doors in, finding illegal substances and dragging people away in handcuffs.

Adrian Freedman was warned in no uncertain terms of the consequences of his attitude, actions and decisions to condone and sponsor malicious intimidation including threats to murder witnesses.

He was told that the curse on Santo Daime for threatening me with murder and laughing about it whilst pretending it did not happen or posting up nasty slander about me to discredit me as mentally sick, is a planet-wide one of prohibition from the authorities.

Gabriela Dworecki Domingues stopped laughing when the Santo Daime Church was outlawed in 11 countries and defeated in the European Court of Human Rights, the Dutch Supreme Court and many other countries.

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