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Published: 07 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In December of 2014 I came to this dealership to buy a car. I have challenged credit and my friend who also purchased a car here assured me that they could get me financed. I had my monthly payment budgeted out and thus knew what my range for car prices was. I picked out my car off of the used inventory displayed on their website. I went in to secure my financing and he said he would bring the car to the Ina Rd location(now closing)from the Broadway lot, which they did. However, they transferred the car back to Broadway without calling me assuming that I wasn’t going to come in despite expressing my interest in the car. Jeff was very rude about my wanting them to bring the car back to Ina once again so that I could purchase it. He made no apology about this error from his staff but had the car transferred back. I was fairly upset by this point but decided to go ahead with the purchase as he had secured financing for me and I felt it was a good deal on the year of Mercedes I was buying with the miles on the car. About a week after buying the car I started to get transmission problems that would come and go if I “rebooted” the car. When I brought the car into my mechanic they went to investigate the problem and couldn’t get the problem to replicate. However, my friend that also purchased a car here had very similar problems with his transmission and it turned out that his car had not been inspected as the transmission was full of metal flakes and needed to be completely rebuilt. Jeff refused to pay for the cost of this needed repair or to even help with the payment. After taking my car to the shop I did not have any problems with my transmission for awhile and thought maybe I was lucky and that it had been a fluke. I was wrong. My car is currently at the transmission shop where they have discovered that my transmission is also full of metal flakes(excessive iron flakes as well as bronze). Not only that but the transmission fluid was pitch black and in dire need of being switched despite my being told at time of purchase that the regular maint had been taken care of by Jeff and his staff. In addition to that the hydraulics on my hood are out, the car needs all new brakes as well as brake fluid and a fuel filter. These are not issues that could crop up in the brief amount of time that I have had ownership of the car! I have been in contact with Jeff about these issues with my car and he has been very rude and condescending about it telling me that they do not off a “6 month warranty” despite my not having owned the car that long. In addition to that all of the problems with the car are things that should’ve been sorted out before selling the vehicle. I purchased a vehicle in order to get to and from work under the impression it had at least gone under a basic safety inspection. I had put my daughter in this car and endangered her life because Jeff Gallegos does not want to lose the profits by making sure he only sells safe and properly inspected vehicles. Do not buy here under any circumstances. .

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