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Published: 16 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Today roughly around 10 am in the morning, I left for the GameStop located at the Lakes Mall in Norton Shores Michigan. I left with the sole intention of trading in four games at cash value and also using a $25 dollar coupon I redeemed the following night prior to purchase something. Now the four games in question were Marvel VS Capcom Infinite PS4, South Park: Fractured But Whole PS4, Monter Hunter World PS4, and Grand Theft Auto V PS4. Now I checked online prior to going, and the total cash vluae would have been roughly $36.5 and for the sake of what it about to be addressed that trade in value would have been rougly 44 dollars. Which if I traded in all four games and additonal 20% would be added o nto the deal and the total would have been around 53 dollars. | Upon arriving at the store, I noticed a sign out front that stated Buy 2, Get 1 Free which turned out to be buying any 2 preowned game within the store and would be given 1 preowned game for free. I thought this would be cool because I could use my coupon to get one game for free and then get another game for free! Score right? I thought so, well upon entering the store I was immediate eyed by the cashier ahd through out my entire shopping around, I was constantly given side glances. It irritated me a bit, but I went on shopping anyway. Now before this continues I would like to mention that I am a level 3 membe of game stop, called an Elite Pro Member which has various perks. 1, Get either more money back from game trades or more value for trade in store credit. 2) additonal discounts off of pre-owned games, 3) more bonus points from purchasing items. | I picked out three games, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Prologue PS4 Preowned Price 27.99 -Elite Pro Membership Price 22.39, DMC Definitive Edition Preowned Price 19.99 – Elite Pro Member Price 15.99 and finally No Man’s Sky Pre Owned Price 19.99 – Elite Pro Price 15.99. I went to the register with my games and there was oner person before me. While this same cashier was proceeding with the transaction of the other customer, he again gave me side glances. | When It was finally my turn, Immediately told him I had a $25 coupon for an item in the store, which could only be used on one item that was the most expensive of the order. Which was the Kingdom Hearts game, and I also told him I had some games I wanted to trade in for cash. He said okay and then went to locate the games in question. he rang up the games, applied the Elite Pro Membership total to all games, applied the free game promotional discount to one of the 15.99 games and then asked for my trade in games. I gave him all four but I stated first I had a coupon but be continued to procces the trade in games. Finally he processed them and then took the coupon and proceeded to tell me my credited total was less than 20 dollars remaining. | At this point, I would like to say not once did her verify my account, he simply asked for my phone number and assumed I was the accounbt holder in question, plus he never asked for my ID when handing over the games. Like, what if someone I knew stole my games knew my GameStop member phone number to get newer games for himself. Clearly, this GameStop associate didn’t care? | Anyway I digress, I thought this was odd and asked why I was getting a credited total would be be psossible to do a mix of trade in credit and cash. Which I aslo stated I originally wanted cash vlaue for these games. At this point his demeanor changed, he clealry got a tone in his voice like I was being a huge pain and stated, no not possible. Now I find it odd, that Having a coupon that took 25 dollar of off a 22.39 game mich made that free, a free promotional discount on a game which was also free would end up with a total before taxes of being owed 15.99. Now for the sake of me wanting trade in store credit, 44-15.99 would be 28.01 and plus since I traded in 4 games I got an additonal 20% value added on of total $53. So 53-15.99 would be, $37.01 in left over trade in store credit. Which again I was quoted less than 20 dollar but I cant remember the exact total but it was above 19 dollars. | Now the only possible conclusion I can come up with as to why this is the case, is simply credits applied before a coupon affect to trade in totals, and would sort of make sense credit wise as to why I was quoted a wrong price and why he neglected to apply the coupon first. I then asked him never mind I want cash for my traded games. This clearly, hje did not like the response and sternly said Okay and quickly rescanned my traded in games. | He then gave me cash of 36.48 for those games and then began to redo my order. | When this new order was placed by him, No Man’s Sky was given the Elite Pro Membership Discount, DMC was given the Elite Discount but when I looked at the receipt when I got home I noticed that Kingdom Hearts was not given the Elite Pro discount. Also on this receipt, the coupon was added onto the price of the 27.99 making the total for the game 2.99 left to pay!…. | WELL GET THIS! | This Cashier in question, had the gall and audcaity to apply the Free Game Prototional discount to the 2.99 left over for the Kingdom hearts game! The nerver and unscrupulous nature of the this cashier is over the top! Plus I’ve workedd 6 plus years in customer service/retail and would have never treated a cusomter the same way this cashier/GameStop Associate has. | When I contacted corporate office, the issue would be looked into and fro their end at the moment is was a “computer error”! | OKAY COMPUTER ERROR? That would make some sense if the wrong prices on my receipt and what was quoted to me at the first transaction. However, given the fact that on the first transaction, all three games had the Elite Pro Discount, one of the 15.99 games was marked as free from the store cashier and the incorrect trade in total was wrong that could be an error on the final trans action. Yet, the third trasnaction clearly shows, its up to the associate themselves how discounts/promotions/coupon are applied! | 1) Kingdom Hearts was not given the Elite Pro Membership Discount, The Coupon was added on the order before the Free game Promotion was added on the order, which clearly 27.99 – 25 is 2.99, where 22.39 – 25 would be a free game in itself so in order to “get even” at a customer. This associate intentionally and willfully did not apply the elite pro membership discount to the kingdom hearts game in order to make the total cost owed still 2.99 to where he then could intentioanlly and willfully apply the free premotional game discount to the kingdom hearts game! | I am beyond livid at this point, I will never shop at this store ever again and quite possibly will make me rethink in ever shopping at a GameStop again.

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