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Published: 28 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This despicable excuse for a man (James Flanagan), is no more than a conniving promoter of commodity futures advice that has less merit than the flip of a coin. at least with a coin flip one has a 50% chance of being correct. The so called evidence he presents of forthcoming price moves in wheat, corn, soybeans, cotton and gold gives the impression he knows what he is talking about. But it is no more than a fabrication of his imagination and has no predictive validity whatsoever. Like all con men, he has a convincing demeanor and presents a plethora of tables and graphs to supposedly “prove” his case. They have no more value at establishing a case for market price movements to come than a crystal ball. His alleged mentor and the supposed basis for his arguments is the work of the legendary trader of the 1930s, W.D. Gann. Flanagan’s interpretations of Gann’s work, however, is seriously flawed as proven by Flanagan’s dismal trade record. In point of fact, most of Gann’s work was based on planetary alignments and movements, Astrophysics as it currently referenced and certain geometric patterns such as triangles within squares within a circle. Flanagan NEVER mentions any of this genuine work. GannGlobal and James Flanagan is a fraud and a deceiver of the most onerous sort. His last attempt at getting subscribers was a pitiful reduction of his supposedly regular annual subscription price from of $570 to $198. Apparently the word is getting out of how lousy his “predictions” have been and he had to drop his price to rock bottom to get anyone to buy his crap. Stay as far away from GannGlobal and Smiling James Flanagan as you would from any venomous snake.

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