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Dr Garrett is an arrogant scumbag

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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had the worst dental experience of my life at Garrett Orthodontics. Dental checkups had always been a nightmare for me but somehow I gained courage for this appointment but it just made me more scared of dental runs in the future. I had been facing an issue of crooked teeth since around 15 – 16 years of age but I never really liked braces so I wasn’t in the mood of getter a better smile anymore. Until one day on my friends get together one of my very old friends from school told me about Invisalign. I was very happy to know how it straightens your teeth without wires or brackets, using a series of comfortable, customized, removable clear trays called aligners. On investigating I found out that the only place offering these are Garrett Orthodontics. As this is a new type of procedure not everyone was offering it and it was quite expensive but I was ready to spend all the pennies I had on having a full smile. I booked an online appointment and was ready to make my way to the clinic two days later.
On my visit, I was catered very sweetly and with all the due respect. As soon as I entered the clinic after around a wait of 10 minutes I was taken to a room that had all the necessary equipment for the procedure. Soon enough a doctor, who was tall and looked in around his mid-50’s made his way into the room. I expected him to be Dr Garrett as he dealt with the cases of Invisalign. He greeted me with a hello and asked me how positive I was on getting the treatment, not only this but he also asked me why I would choose this over the traditional braces. I replied to all the answers and was pretty excited about it. He told me that they’ll first examine my teeth and then decide whether it is even possible to have Invisalign or not. 5 minutes into examining my teeth and he told me joy exclaimed yes you can have this treatment. I was very happy and already started imaging myself with straighter and better teeth. He scheduled my appointment for a week later and till then told me some precautions.
Thursday morning, I woke up all excited for getting my procedure done. I took a good breakfast as the doctor told me I would not be able to eat properly after getting the aligners on and we can’t remove them for the first 22 hours. I had the appointment at 6 in the evening and my being over-excited reached there at 5.30. I waited till my turn and an hour later I had the aligners. The assistant dentist told me to come again tomorrow at 4 pm for the checkup and he told me how to remove them too but I wasn’t allowed to remove them till tomorrow. Later that night I had to rush at emergency because my gums were bleeding bad and they were all sore. The duty dentist examined them and told me the dentist didn’t place them right and I should have not got them as my gums are weak. After getting them taken off I went to see Dr Garrett the next day and he kept on insisting that the test showed that it was safe to put the aligners on and was not ready to accept his mistake rather than he appeared to be very rude. The pain I had was unbearable and the bleeding just won’t stop. I was given antibiotics to get it stopped as it was due to the infection. I came back to normal after a few days but was very disappointed by the place.
I will request you all to never take a risk of going here again.

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