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Garth Fisher MD - The Artisans who never know Art

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Published: 17 June 2019

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The Artisans who never know Art

The doctor is pertinent to the word ‘Physician’ whose etymology relates to the study of the ‘art of medicine’ or some might exclaim it as ‘art of healing.’ We commonly refer people who study medicine and treating diseases as doctors who are also related etymologically with “teaching”. The reason for putting the origins of words into consideration has the desired reason. Doctors, Physicians, and Surgeons are such professionals who have a very spiritual context for their professions. It is direly required from such professions to apprehend their position in a society and hence work accordingly and up to the mark, as required. 

The concept of doctors and consulting diseases have gone afar than expected in the past decades. The profession has inclined its focus more on settling business grounds rather than protruding a more welfare approach in rationing help for the people in agony and spasm. The doctor is such a craft that requires a person to be artistically patient and confident, both in attitude and occupation. This is a lot to ask nowadays, considering how badly influenced these doctors have become with the present conditions of the society. Such an example among the clusters is Dr. Garth Fisher, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon who settled in Beverly Hills, California.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons are the architects of the medical field, in my observation. I had pretty enticed opinions about this profession and the people involved in it. For me, it was something fun to be done bringing about beautification onto species that is said to hold the most implicated genomes in the universe. (For if there exist any alluring alien species out there) Just as with all other doctors, this branch got contaminated with the same rate as everyone else did. Disrespectful and neglect can be dangerous, but when it comes to doctors and surgeons, it is far more threatening as that person holds the key to the success of your surgery and health. This neglecting doctor is a much threatening situation inconsiderate to other professions. It can ruin you just as it did to me with the unprecedented courtesy of Dr. D. Garth Fisher.



 There is a lot about this individual to discuss, from his clinic to the individual’s attitude. I always listened to people complaining about how costly the extra or at times, basic consultations cost. There were some deliberations about Dr. Garth being very omitting when it came to extra consultation and treatment. Dr. Garth had been more disappointing than this. With some research and a living experience with this doctor, most of the allegations and accusations turned out to be true. 

Considering his after-surgery visits and helping aid me or any patient analyze how good the surgery turned out to be, he has been a failure in that. Dr. Fisher has been a completely futile being in terms of getting any surgery, either a facelift or a breast augmentation. The very first responsibility lies in the hands of the surgeon who has to make sure that the operation goes as expected and the results are close to consummation. Yet, if somehow, under unforeseen circumstances, the doctor fails to achieve the very goal to its utmost level, he/she should be bold and strong enough to accept the flaws and help the patient find a solution even after a first failed try. There aren’t closed doors to it. Yet, the patient is perceived to pay more for extra consultations. Considering my case with Dr. Fisher, with whose conjecture I paid extra thousands of dollars under further consultations, he moved my case onto further touch-ups on the first surgery. This was another bill I had to pay regardless of the fact, that I had nothing to do with the first surgery going wrong. Under moral grounds, it was the responsibility of the doctor to make things right without the patient being charged with any further billings. Yet, our worthy Dr. Fisher who, he states on his website regarding how choosy a patient should be regarding his surgeon is being a complete opposite of it. Doctors could be hypocritical was what I could have thought as the very last thing. 

Dr. Garth can be thrifty, as I heard people comment about his experienced portfolio. I never considered him to be as thriftier as charging hundreds of dollars for a mere consultation. His attitude is another problem which is another discussion. But considering his consultation fees, he considers that his qualifications give him the autonomy to charge the way he wants to. This is purely unjustified, considering many better surgeons are present working in the same areas with better consulting and operating fees.


Rude, Arrogant Fisher

  With an M.D. degree at hand, Dr. Fisher considers him the mightiest surgeon of all time who has every right to be with an attitude as he wishes it to be. He has stated in his explanation of “Selecting the Right Surgeon” where he stated that a surgeon should tell you what can and what cannot be achieved. It seems to be hypocritical if asked from a neutral entity. A person who states the importance of a surgeon’s attitude whilst dealing with a patient is known for treating his patient’s pathetically. Several cases had been reported under the name of Dr. Fisher’s attitude where it has been constantly stated of how rude and short he had been with his clients in several places. Same was the case with my operation; before the operation with the start of consultations and discussions; the doctor at first had been very cognitive and contended with me. He was being kind to his patient. Eventually, with passing days, the attitude started to get more of neglecting and ignorant; with often rudeness in his voice. At first, it seemed as if the doctor was in some kind of personal problem; but it soon turned out that he acted similarly with almost all his clients over a longer course of time than expected.

 Dr. Garth Fisher has been a distracted, rude and arrogant doctor when he eventually got over with the operation. No matter how bad the results turned out to be, he remained stubborn over his belief that he hasn’t been wrong about any certain thing in his “career”. Yet he exclaims how a patient should be looking at the after operation pictures with consent and how he should evaluate with the proper help of the surgeon. In any case, it is needed substantially inconsiderate of how a surgeon should guide a patient. Yet what we have seen and heard about Dr. Fisher, the guider himself of being a complete retard while dealing with his patients. How he comments on certain body parts of a patient and how degraded he makes them feel. It certainly feels like a situation not was undermined by the creator himself. This raises a load of questions against Dr. Fisher who personally feels to not answer them under any case. For most of the patients, it turned out to be a butcher job for them; which had been duly paid. Despite this all, Dr. Garth still regards most of his patients with comments like “pieces of trash.” It certainly makes us feel better. (A perfect way of therapy)


Dr. Garth’s Clinical Services

 There has been much discussion over Dr. Garth’s dealings and how “beautifully” was he able to counter his patients. The discussion moves further by stating Dr. Fisher’s clinic and the people who work within it. Their attitude was much similar to Dr. Fisher’s in every case; where they had been the politest of people when they had their first meeting with the client. As soon as the payments are done, and with the mice in the pot-hole; their attitude reverberates the same way as a chameleon changes his color. Unfortunately, they had been very much similar to their doctor, their boss in every way.

 The workers there potentially lack the meaning of the word customer service. They were truly unaware of how to treat their patients and visitors who have benefited them in every way. It certainly was their objectiveness of gaining more and more money out of deceit and forgery so that they can change their conditions in every way possible whilst making sure that they had not been honest with their customers. The case happened at the MedSpa where their receptionist failed to help us counter the issue. Rather than helping the consumer, they had been busy keeping their backs safe which made them speak nothing except for them being innocent in every way. If it was for authority, -they might’ve made sure of it that the consumer accepts it as their fault. With any prior agreements overpayments and services, the clinic never intends to keep any promise on that. As most of the agreements are not written onto hard forms and are kept at a low profile as much as possible, this makes it easy for the services provider to forge and change the agreements in every way they want it to be.

There always a solution out of it. It was what the clinical staff considered and tried to get into. The staff promised a discounted price for the remaining services that are underway, making sure they slip in extra money from the client as much as they can get out from it. If the question came of a refund, it was neglected the same way Dr. Fisher neglects his customers. Hence, there had been no concept of keeping the client and customer happy with the provision of the best resources.

The clinical staff is also known for keeping its client on hold for minutes. To get mere information over a certain case, the staff had kept the client on hold for a longer time than expected which shows the level of customer support service they intend to run within the system. They are here for getting the maximum blood out of a client; for which they can be sweetest of knives. There is neither humanity nor decency in the doctor whose legacy is taken further by the people who work under him. It’ll cost you a fortune going to Dr. Fisher’s.  





Doctors like Dr. Garth Fisher are an anomaly in our society who has been spreading mistrust and deceit among the patients who are in search of betterment within their lives and standards. They, at first, aren’t much competitive in handling a case of facelift which is then considered as a problem of the patient rather than the fault of the doctor. It is said that surgery is an art. And considering how he stated whilst selecting surgeons is that every qualified educated person cannot be a good doctor. After consulting Dr. Garth Fisher for quite a time, we have considered this as a viable indication for his work.

Surgery is a very delicate and important matter that needs to be handled with loads of care and cartons of patience. A doctor who isn’t patient cannot manage a load of stress whilst being in an operation theatre. This is a common perception that can be potentially used to judge a successful surgeon. Patience and Diligence stand first in any case. That is the reason why Dr. Garth fails to convince and satisfy his patients with his work; for his abruptness is his killer. We need to understand with the same consent that when it comes to selecting a surgeon for your need, it needs a very careful eye on how to get it onto a bullseye. It is a strenuous task, but where you have to spend thousands of dollars onto getting yourselves better; there is a need to have a very critical eye on situations like these. Doctors such as Dr. Garth should not be taken into consideration for having such a bad reputation and should be neglected as an option in every way.       



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