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Published: 28 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is an outright internet criminality case of fraud, deceit, lying and theft! I have already report this internet criminality to the IC3 in USA. IC3 is a governmental agecy, full name ‘Internet Crime Complaint Center’. I did indeed file a very thick complaint against an internet online dealer The comüany name seems to be GC-Extract.com, which is their email as well – gcextract.com or also (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) I have also tweeted this story viral on facebook. This company is supposedly in the Netherlands around Utrecht in the west of Holland. I also have contacted the INTERPOL in Lyon, France seeking ascertainance and lo9cation assistance. If that company gcextract-com becomes affirmatively identified and located, I will definitely bring this racket zombi organization directly before a criminal court! GCExtract-com are outright liars, thieves and fraudulants! That’s what they, and I possess evidence thereof. Here are some pertinent preponderant facts, thus what has transpired. On April 3, 2014 I came across GC Extract-com on the internet. A pretty attractive offer for a ”risk-free’ trial of GC Extract Speed Slim capsules for weight loss has been attractively offered, the capsules were supposed to be free f r e e, only shipping charges of 5.99 Euros was the only charge. I availed myself of this offer and paid with my prepaid credit card. All that was supposed be charged was the amount of 5.99 Euros, the capsules were supposed to be free. Ha, ha, ha, the hell they were! My prepaid credit card was charged a debit of 62.99 Euros and not not 5.99 Euros as advertised. That 5.99 Euros cluase was only a catch and to wet our appetite, it was an outright f a r c e!!! I received the statement of my prepaid credit card from my bank, which the unorthodox debit has caught my eye and astonished me. I immediately objected the 62.99 Euros debit, first by my bank and concurrently by GC Extraxct. I did not immediately open and consumed the GC Extract capsules, until my doctors and clainic where I am being treated has researched this weightloss product. It was merely a precautionary measure. Within a couple of days my doctors and the university clinic have apprised me of the medical decision, namely the physicians have discouraged my intake of GC Extract. Of course this medical decision has been duly based on legitimate grounds why I should maintain distance from this product. I respected this medical advice of my doctors. I did cancel the order within the specified time range as pursuant to stipulation in the terms and agreement set by the company, GC Extract-com. GC Extract Customer Service responded to my cancellation email, and has duly instructed me to send the capsules back and my money will be duly refunded. GC Extract has stipulated respectively, that the product must be returned within 30 days of my order. Right, that was no problem, I was very safely within that time limit. GC Extract advised me its mailing address, namely the product was to be sent back to Customer Service, Postbus 131 in 4040 DC, Kesteren, the Netherlands. OK, great, so we send the product as instructed to Holland. So I did on the 25th of April. .

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