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Published: 06 January 2020

Posted by: J.A.Nice58

Customer ID: GT1608246 October 29th, 2017 Dear Natilia; BBB Tip: Tech Support Scams In this con, scammers pose as tech support employees of well-known computer companies and hassle victims into paying for their “support.” You are told only a tech support employee can fix the problem, and you”re asked to allow access to your machine. Once access is granted, the caller will often run a “scan” and claim your computer is infected with viruses. The scammer then offers to fix the problem…for a fee. That may not be the end of the scam. If you allow remote access, malware may be installed on your machine. Malware often scans files in search of personal information, which scammers can use to commit identity theft. Tips to Spot This Scam: Never give control of your computer to a third party unless you know it is the representative of a computer support team you contacted. To report a scam, go to BBB Scam Tracker. To learn how to protect yourself, go to “10 Steps to Avoid Scams Last reviewed: March 2, 2017 *************************************************************************** I was taken advantage of by this Tech Support Scan. And their name is GEEKS-WORLD. I thought I had called HP Computers Tech Support, and was even told by the “scammer”, that I was speaking to HP Support. My computer is made by HP. The “HP” representative showed me that I had contracted the Wannacry Ransomware Virus. He showed me on my computer that the warning popup said Wannacry, and even went as far as to show me that there was a long list of hackers using my machine. There was even a waiting list to get on to my laptop. (I run Windows 10). I asked them; wouldn”t it be cheaper for me just to buy a new computer? The “HP Tech Specialist” showed me diagrams that even if I bought a new computer, (in lieu of paying the 658.00 to have them remove the virus) that because the virus was now in my router, it didn”t matter how many computers I bought, they would become immediately infected because the Wannacry virus has now infiltrated my router and my home network. They told me because my computer processes were down to 69% working capacity, once I reached 75%, that every single device on my home network would be destroyed. The “HP advisor” pointed me to Geeks-World as a solution to remove the virus, and to restore my computer to its original safe state. I was then transferred to Geeks-World. (Or maybe I was already there?) The Geeks-World tech specialist totally understood my situation, very kind, very empathetic. He told me he would take care of me and I had nothing to worry about. They told me this many times. They used a strong arm scare technique. I couldn”t allow letting this to happen to our two iPhones, and 2 iPad airs. I”m afraid I bought into it. To have this virus removed was 658.00 for two years of service. This would monitor and care for my computer from malware, viruses and any other technical issues that may occur for the next two years. The first time Geeks-World worked on my computer, they did a good job removing my virus and my computer did become more stable. However, this must have been the point they dropped the malware into my computer. It took a while for the malware to get into my system. I had to call Geeks-World multiple times for additional support for various issues, some new, some old. And I did notice that the services they provided were becoming less & less satisfactory. And there attitude was laisse fare. I became very concerned. I had bought a True Key App from MacAfee which is a password protection program. I have multiple accounts, and was very pleased with its performance. Suddenly my passwords were being changed. My True Key app from MacAfee had been compromised. I also write my passwords down in a special password book, as a backup. None of them were working so suddenly I am changing all my passwords again. And I shouldn”t be. I called Geeks-World and told the Tech Specialist about my passwords being randomly changed, and I felt as though there was someone in my computer controlling it and changing my passwords. My Tech Specialist response was to tell me it was all okay, to change the password and write it down. I explained I did write them down as well as keep them in my True Key. He said it was no big deal, and to just change them and write them down. A BIG RED FLAG FINALLY WENT UP! Next, my iPhone started acting up. Very badly. Shutting down during phone calls, text, and any basically any program I opened up. I couldn”t depend on it at all. I called another Tech support company to help me restore my iPhone. This company is on the Better Business Bureau website with an A+ rating. They showed me that yes; there was malicious malware on my computer. Geeks-World checked it and said there was no malware or viruses on my computer, that I was good to go, just keep writing down those new passwords. This new company I had to hire, I point blank asked them if my router gets infected by a computer virus, they told me absolutely not. I then called HP, whom I still believed at this point, had pointed me to Geeks-World as their solution to my Wannacry virus issue, said they have NEVER heard of Geeks-World, that the router does not get infected, and wrote down the information that I supplied them with. HP also supported that the virus does not get into the router as Geeks-World showed me through various diagrams. I did speak to a woman named Natilia, from Geeks-World, who says they are not affiliated with the BBB, because they do not need to pay the 1800.00 per month to have their company put in there when they are such an outstanding company without them. I say why wouldn”t a company want the BBB behind them? It shows they are legitimate, and there is recourse for people to reach out to in case there is an issue with the company, or to give the company a positive rating. Natilila, from Geeks-world spoke with me for over an hour, and offered me a 5 year contract. I do not feel comfortable working with a company whose service quality goes down, after you have paid. I have been misled and use of scare tactics is just plain wrong. Would I like 5 years of questionable service? I say no thank you. Thank you for your kind offer Natilia. I see that you were unable to call me back as you had promised. I am sorry you assumed that this contract would smooth things over. I prorated my original contract with you. 658.00 /24= $27.14 per month * 5 = $137.00. To you. 658.00 – 137.00 = $521.00 Back to me. The usual time to get refunded is 7 – 10 business days. I will be looking for that return. I did cancel the debit card that I used with you, and the refund will have to be sent in a check form. I am prepared to pursue other avenues, if we do not come to an understanding between us. Thank you for your time and cooperation with this matter. Janice Jipping; 3950 Leland St. Apt C6; San Diego, CA 92106 [protected]

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