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Published: 31 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Hello! I want to start a class action lawsuit against Americredit. In November 2008 I had fallen behind in my payments, and I had made an arrangement with a collector to pay my fees and get back on track for January’s payment. Americredit came and repo’d my car, in the middle of the night, without my knowledge. When I called Americredit, they couldn’t find any ‘record’ of such agreement with any collector there on a payment plan. I found my proof, and paid my fees and went to get my car back. I called Americredit find out where my car was, they told me, and when I went to go get it, it was already sent to Auction in Phoenix! (I live in Tucson!). I had to get a friend who lives in Phx to go get my car out of auction before they sold it. They are lying crooks! They will say anything to you, then deny saying it later! No integrity! And they are rude and harassing! They have called me up to 20 times in one day! I am pretty sure this is illegal? Then, I paid off my car in October 2010. I had received a small inheritance check so the first thing I wanted to do was get this horrible company out of my life! So my bank had put a hold on the check for 10 days. I called Americredit 10/8/10 and said, my payment is due Friday 10/15/10 and I want to pay you guys off. My funds will not be released until Monday 10/18/10. I said, should I make my payment now and then call you back at the end of the month to pay you off? The rep said, no that will not be necessary. Just make me a post dated check right now for 10/18/10 for the pay off and I will make notes in your account. Your account will stay in good standing and everything will be just fine. Dont worry. DONT BELIEVE THEIR LIES!!! So I said to the rep, are you sure? I am buying a house next month, and I cannot have anything happening to my credit–at all! She repeatedly assured me that everything would be just fine–but I HAD TO give her a post dated check that DAY. Ok, so I did. On 10/18/10 They pulled the funds from my account. I go to close on my house 11/10/10, and Americredit, on 10/27/10, placed a ’30 day past due’ mark on my credit, which lowered my credit score 37 points which then made my FICO too low to close on my house! So my loan officer, and myself call Americredit to do a conference call. We speak with call center ‘supervisor’ Johnny Gonzales and ask him why would Americredit to this to my credit when I was specifically following the Credit Representative’s promise and directive to me? She told me they WOULD NOT post anything to my credit, even though they received payment one business day late. Johnny said he refused to pull my call from 10/8/10, he refused to speak to the rep who made the arrangement with me and he refused to remove the ’30 day mark’ off of my credit. He said, Ma’am, you were late. I said, please can you do this as a one time courtesy for me? You are costing me a closing on a home? He said NO. I said, why not? He said, ‘because I dont have to.’ I said, ‘You need to stand by what your rep told me. Your reps just cannot go around making promises then your company doesn’t stand behind them. Thats acting out of integrity, at the very least.’ He said, I refuse to. So not only do they LIE, HARRASS, CHEAT, BULLY, act out of INTEGRITY, but they do ILLEGAL activities. Americredit posted a negative mark on my credit report, 9 days after they had my payment for my car, paid in full! I said, why would you do that? He said we don’t show that we received your funds until 11/8/10. I faxed them my bank statement showing payment in full on 10/18/10. He said he didn’t care. So, does anyone know if this behavior is illegal? Does anyone want to try to do a class action lawsuit against them? Please let me know and lets get this ball rolling! Not only did they harrass me for five years and lie and cheat me and do illegal things to me but I think they are setting scary precedent by being able to go and make arbitrary negative remarks on client’s credit reports just because they feel like it or want to because they don’t like their client. A client has the legal right, in my opinion, to believe that once you have paid off an account, and close your account down, you should have a protection against retaliation later on where the company and/or its employees can go and put stuff on your credit report just because they want to. Americredit went in, illegally, and posted a negative remark on my credit report, 9 days after I had closed down my account with them!!!! If this isn’t illegal, it should be and I want to sue them. Just because I had to sign up with Americredit due to credit issues in 2005, doesn’t give this company the right to TREAT ME WITHOUT RESPECT, DIGNITY AND LEGALLY. And if the current consumer credit laws do NOT protect me from predators such as this company, then I plan to change that! Thank you! .

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