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Gentle Dental Corona

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Published: 20 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Fist time visit here, also is the last time. | I chose this place because it has better yelp reviews, however it turns into a nightmare. Thursday I called this clinic and made a doctor appointment for checkup and teeth cleaning, i was advised that the prosedure can be done within one hour. so i made appointment at Friday 1:00 PM. Friday morning I called in to confirm the appointment. The reception girl told me i have to come in at 11:00 am because doctor has to leave early, otherwise they have to cancel my appointment… I was like: ” that’s something new…” but i was able to manage to get there at 11:00 am. I also told the nurse that i use my lunch break to see their doctor, i only have one hour. | However, after x-ray, I was left on the chair and wait for the doctor for half an hour without any explanation. I kept checking my watch and worried that I am going to be late for work. | Finally the doctor arrived, he ‘s name is Michael Saed, he shaked my hands like a business man, (I was wondering why, later i realized he truly is a business man, instead of a doctor). He told me how bad my teeth condition is, i need A LOT, A LOT of root canal, if i don’t let him treat me the way he recommend, i am going to lose my teeth with in a year or 2. Wow… I laughed, because i knew he was exaggerating things, and trying to convince me accept the expensive treatment. Be honest, i been seeing my previous dentist for 10 years, i do check up twice a year, fix my cavity if there’s any, i brush my teeth morning and evening, i try my best to take care of my teeth, i was never told by my previous dentist that i am going to lose my teeth in a year or 2. Besides, i just saw my old dentist half a year ago, I was perfectly fine. The reason i have to switch dentist, my current company gives HMO dental Plan, but my old dentist only accepts PPO plan. | Well, by this point, i already knew this doctor/place is the “money hungry” type,so i told him, i am very clear about his suggestion, but i just want to simply clean my teeth today. Apparently he is not satisfied by my answer, he keep saying”i want make sure you understand what i am saying, you need this …bluh, bluh…” he was acting like aggressive sales man and try to sell me something that i am totally not interested, i felt very uncomfortable that he is forcing me to accept his treatment which i am not will to buy at this moment. later, he realized i was very hard to convince, and i only want a regular tooth cleaning, then he try to sell me a deep teeth cleaning treatment. I had friend done deep tooth cleaning before, the average cost is about $75 – $200, so i thought that’s fine, i don’t mind spend $200 to deeply clean my teeth. Then they brought the financial girl and tell me that they will charge me $669 for a deep tooth cleaning. I was like: ” what? are you kidding me?” $669 for a teeth cleaning, you guys use diamond to polish my teeth or something ? that is way too expensive, I knew for sure by this point that they try to rip me off. so I told him, I don’t want a deep teeth cleaning, i just want a regular teeth cleaning, which usually costs $50. Then the girl told me in that way doctor can’t give me a regular teeth cleaning, because i am not qualified…OMG, so i asked them, “are you telling me i am not qualified for a regular teeth cleaning, but only qualified for an expensive $669 cleaning, that is ridiculous.” | It makes me sick that the doctor and employees there make up a bunch of lies and try to get more money from patients. | So yes, after over 1 hour there, i didn’t get any treatment from the doctor, i didn’t get my teeth cleaned, i am completely waste 1 hour of my lunch time and without getting anything but a bunch of lies. | i came back to work and told all my coworkers about what just happened, he all felt sick about it. i started to read other patients review on yelp, apparent they didn’t only did this to me, many patients get kicked out without receive any treatment, because they refused to buy their expensive treatment plan. I really feel the doctor has no moral, this place doesn’t sincerely want to treat patients, but sincerely want to get more money from your pocket. If you have a budget plan about teeth treatment, please find a better place, this place is definitely not good for you. | so i will never return to this place, and never recommend this place to anyone. the doctor and employee there should be shamed about their lies and their greedy.

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