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Published: 23 September 2019

Posted by: Lillian Prantil

DO NOT HIRE: Jack L. Glasser, Esq of 88-28 Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11435;Jack Glasser to STEAL your money then harass and stalk you. Jack L. Glasser, Esq might actually be dis-barred for illegal invoicing. Jack Glasser has been reported to the POLICE for Cyber Harassment. In my experience of Jack L. Glasser, Esq it”s like all these accurate complaints on him, he is a total creep that takes legal fees then refuses to perform then claims you owe him additional money to then not have too continue not to provide you with legal service, legal documents that he was retained to pefrom and write. Jack l. Glasser stole my money out right, then posted falsehoods on the Internet about me and my daughter Mary Prantil. DO NOT HIRE–Jack L. Glasser, Esq of 88-28 Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11435- Phone: [protected] Jack L. Glasser will lose your case and steal your money. See photo of Jack L. Glasser, Esq below…Jack L. Glasser stole my money and lost my case!!! BEWARE Unethical lawyer Jack Glasser is currently being investigated by the NY Bar Association for breach of retainer agreement and might be dis-barred. DO NOT HIRE this unethical lawyer that has a verifiable track record of stealing money from his clients then harassing them on-line. Just take a look at what he wrote about my daughter Mary Prantil, Mary Prantil did not ever harass Mr. Jack Glasser. Mr. Glasser was hired to protect her from the daily harassment of Robert Miller, and instead Mr. Glasser acts like a common criminal and stalker. My name is Lillian Prantil. Here is my email address: I will send you a copy of the NY Bar complaint that is filed in this lowq- life loser lawyer Jack Glasser. Jack Glasser has been reported to the NY Bar for legal mal-practice, I paid him over $6800 to help with my slum Landlord Robert Miller owner of 32-85 33rd St. Jack Glasser is going to be arrested for harassment, I filed a formal complaint with the POLICE. I DO NOT USE Jack Glasser unless you want to waste your money and get ripped off by the ### SCAM lawyer out of Jamaica Queens NY. Jack Glasser took $6800 from me Lillian Prantil then cut off communication AND NEVER provideed me a copy of the Appeal he was paid to write on my daughter Mary Prantil”s behalf. from us. Make sure to contact Lillian Prantil at email: [protected] and or her home address in La Jolla 1892 Nautilus St and phone at [protected]. Jack Glasser was hired to STOP slumlord Robert Miller from harassing my daughter Mary Prantil. BEWARE: STALKER Jack Glasser is now harassing my family by posting LIES. Mary Prantil paid Mr. Glasser $6800 and her failed her, and now he is harassing me, Lillian Prantil. I have all the LEGAL evidence to show you what a CRIMINAL LAWYER JACK GLASSER who truly is a low life and SCAM. It”s all true the complaints where Jack Glasser is accurately described as a lawyer that makes false promises, who takes your MONEY then does NO work. Jack Glasser will cost you time and money, and I the end you will have to hire another lawyer to undue the damage of his negligence. DO NOT HIRE SCAM NY LAWYER JACK GLASSER!!!

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