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Glendale Nissan

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Published: 18 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On July 21 I purchased a used vehicle with a he back driver side panel agreements are pursuing the vehicles at that that would be fixed I was told by the salesman that it would be and there be no further questions or problems regarding the situation I also told him I was disabled I had a hard time reading and a very difficult time filling out paperwork this was the first car I was buying I was buying something basic that would last a lot couple weeks went by difficulty getting in contact with the sales guy had to call his boss to schedule an appointment when in for the appointment with the car dropped off at 8 o’clock in the morning today pick it up at five and the dent went from a nickel size to a quarter size but the wrong color black paint pushed in the middle of it did not fix it they touched it up I live in Chicago a winter like that | I bought a car from Glendale Nissan on July 21 of this year the salesman bill you that this was the first car I was purchasing a quite some time because I’m disabled I asked him if he had time to go a little slower for my reading and writing and filling out all the applications I’ve came across a car that was a very base model stick shift no bells and whistles just to get me from point a to B The major problem with the car was a bad dent on the back left driver side panel went all the way through to the other side I was starting to rust I was assured be on the shadow of doubt that would be fixed not touched up so I want to head and I purchased the car with no documentation alone because I have | bad credit my mom had to cosign to help so when I pick the car up today and that that went from a nickel size to a quarter size with the wrong color black paint and I was treated like a second-class citizen to the point where I had to drag a sales manager outside and ask him to look at it and have them sit there and blatantly look at me in the face and say what’s wrong with it it looks fine to me there’s a huge dent just painted the wrong color in the side of my back door that was contingent be buying the car not only are they dishonest but misleading and extremely disrespectful wants the car purchases made I would not recommend them to anybody in the near future who is not looking to go in and purchase | a car that would attend or need maintenance or service immediately I would not recommend using their body shop for them in general wants the car was purchased the demeanor changed it went from being helpful to a Veda is the general manager sat and looked at me and told me to download find him it was touched up I said yes but your salesman told me it would be fixed I bought several cars her in the past and tonight I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau tomorrow I’ll file with the federal trade commission and Monday proceed with Chicago Bar Association see if any legal proceedings can take place whatever it takes and however long it takes I will make sure that one where another | justification is brought to the situation like I told the general manager $500 to him this tonight at the bar $500 to me as a matter of life and death eating and I’m still on disability and trying to get as time goes on but setbacks like this in life or blatant lies were told and people are misled it’s very hard to put trust or faith in humankind or products you purchase especially cars or houses big purchases like that what can I do legally to justify suing or is continuing to bless 5 AM until the matter is made correct I will take the car to insurance agent body and cosmetic repair shop and get a nice quote and I would like to my to be paid to the other place to fix the dent the picture of the dent that they attempted to do they | had to be blind it’s like they took black paint put it on the finger stuck in the hole hopefully I can post the pictures and show you to be looked at and talk to in a way that you’re so stupid that you don’t mean anything to that person at all it’s very hurtful and disrespectful in my opinion this gentleman knew my situation and knew I was buying a car that I plan on keeping till wheels fell off not the door rusting off and blatantly lied to my face and talk to me like I was a complete Nutter moron I asked him if he was blind or if he trains all of his sales people to mislead purchasing clients I work at a very interesting feel very part-time word involves a lot of media to sell phones and programming and I posted | on Facebook and I was visited with the private message of be careful you’ll be sued sued for a while telling the truth or being lied to I will go there on Wednesday with an option to make the situation correct and then go our separate ways and he lies I will consider an act of war and will take it as far as needs to be taken I never been one to lay down and babe just walked over by a cocky a*****e and I’m not gonna start now you can’t treat people like s**t in life and expect to walk away unscathedeither by media financially or just get your a*s kick it didn’t bother him one bit about the money he just didn’t want to fix it then I contacted an attorney number for the Bar Association and I will push and follow through as hard as I can for as long as it takes probably until the door Russ off

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