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Published: 17 January 2018

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For about a year I’ve been having chest and neck pains along with pain running down my left arm. So I went to the Dr’s because it was getting worse every day. So back in may of this year I had open heart surgary, I’m not sure as to what kind of surgary, well maybe I do, either a triple or quad bypass.I would’nt know because the Dr’ who did the opperation never came to my room and explained to me, what she had done, and what was exspected of me afterwards. It seems to me someone should had reported some information to me. Instead on may 30th I woke up in my room only to find I was being taken off some machines, and learning how to sit up in bed and walking a few steps a day, until one morning I woke up in a very bad mood, because I was sweating my butt off, my room was so hot I soaked my bed from sweat, even my pillow was soaked, so I asked the nurse, if there was anything she could do about the heat I was dying in there, she said she would turn the heat down for me. Well it took my walking out of the hospital, disscharging myself, because the heat in my room was only turned up, not down. So I had enough, and I told this male nurse to disconnect me from the hoses they had in me, because I was leaving. He said I dont think so, I told him if he did’nt I would disconnect them myself, he told me I was’nt allowed to leave, so I grabbed the hoses from my chest and started pulling them out, just then the Dr. told the nurse to pull the hoses and let me go, He done so and I grabbed my things and left with a friend, who I had called after I phoned the police, because they were holding me against my will. The police told me someone would be there in a few minutes, but as my story goes the police never showed up, and a female nurse walked wheeled me out of the hospital. That same day I returned because they neglected to inform me that I had to have oxigen, because i would’nt be able to breath. Well as it turned out, the people from good sam saw it clear to give me a room with AC in it. All the time I was there I kept that air running on full and a few times nurses had come into my room and told me they were turning down the air, and I snapped at them, that they were not going to touch that air or I was leaving; and for some reason they saw it my way. I spent the next three more days there, and was ok to go home. When o got home there were to be people from the hospital or a nurse or assistant to help me out, but the thing is there was no one, nor was I told that somebody would be in to check on me. I was pissed and and my wife contact the hospital and the Dr’s who did the opperation and asked them what was up. She told them that we thought we werewould get services for me when i got out because They were told my wife could not watch me all day because she had to work, well the answerthey had to my helth problems were like this, since I left the hospital the day after my opperation. I was no longer entitled to any of those services. She told them that it was hard for me to breath, the woman told her she would get me oxigen, that never happened. Until the next day I had a friend contact the doctor who did the opperation and told them, they needed to get someone out here to take care of me, so her AP, had ordered me oxigen, and i was able to handle the next few days, but still no services were ever provided. Then the third day out, I noticed when I went in for a shower, I had an infection on my chest, so I called and made an appointment to see the Dr’ and when i got there, they to saw i had an infection. they squeezed and squeezed until they had all the puss out. CONTINUED ON A SECOND REPORT

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