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Published: 07 May 2018

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Small Businesses are being scammed out of thousands of dollors. You receive a call from Chris Hill from Good Halo. He tells you all about a program that could grow your business by getting high risk customers a loan. You then get a call from Craig Ray. He tells you there is a $300.00 start up fee. If your loan gets approved they will get $199.00. If they can not get the loan you will owe them nothing. This was a good program for my small business.Mr. Ray is a smooth talker and really makes you feel like he is really trying to help you grow your business. He tells you we can use e-sign so that we can begin to do business right away. He then calls back and says that he will need a copy of your drivers license, state business license, business insurance, business bank statement and a voided business check. This does not alarm you because Wells Fargo required the same when we set up a loan program with them. I get another phone call and Craig Ray said they were going to send credit card equipment. I told him I have a machine and it is connected to my account at a local bank. He assures me there is no cost. He said it is part of the program. I again told him I was not interested. I told him I was not switching machines or changing accounts. He again assured me there was no cost and it would only be used when I collect my funds from Go Qualifi.He assured me that I did not need to change banks and that I only needed to use them when I got my money from them. Craig Ray called again and I was on the way out the door. He told me that this would be quick. I did the e sign with him. I asked my employee to print the document and put it in my drawer. A couple days later I called Mr.Craig Ray so that he could explain to me how to process my first loan. He never called back. I tried to reach Chris Hill, and he did not call back either.After several attempts and messages I just thought I have just lost $300.00. The machines arrived. No directions, no cord and one of the boxes said refurbished. I try and call them again. No one calls me back. I just again think I am out of $300.00. I have been scammed. Upon reconciling I am asked who is Northern Leasing?? My reply is I Dont know. After calling the bank I find out it is part of a lease. I did not sign up for a lease. I pull out my documents and sure enough there is a company called Exectech. I am like who are they. We started searching and found numbers for Craig Ray and Chris Hill. We have yet to receive a call from Chris Hill. My findings: Craig Ray did not disclose that he was working with different companies. And he does not disclose that indeed you do NOT need these machines. One machine is $75.00 and one is $150.00 on Amazon. At the end of the lease they will cost $8,600.00.If that was disclosed NO small business would have signed up for his so called $300.00 program. He also has you e sign a document that say in small print that it is a non cancelable contract. So Chris Hill gets the lead and Craig Ray goes in for the kill. They both get a piece of the pie. Before the trouble starts Craig Ray sells your contract to Executech and after they get a piece of the pie they sell it to Northern Leasing. But the small print that say 24 months turns into a 36 month lease program.So between the four companies someone made up another lease. I have and dont have that lease until executech emailed it to me. Craig Ray knows exactly what he is doing. He is robbing the little businessman to make money for himself and Northern Leasing. I think they all should be held liable for fraud, negligent misrepresentation,good faith and fair dealing. They should be closed down and banned from doing any loans or business dealings. EVERY CONTRACT DONE OVER THE INTERNET SHOULD BE A 12 OR 14 FONT. THE TERMS AND END OF CONTRACT FEES PAID SHOULD BE IN BOLD LETTERS. A CONTRACT SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BE SOLD UNLESS A NEW AGREEMENT IS WRITTEN WITH THE SAME CONTRACT TERMS. CONGRESS NEEDS TO GET INVOLVED. WITH THIS BEING SAID ALL OF MY PRIVATE INFORMATION IS BEING PASSED AROUND AND MY IDENITY WAS USED WHEN THAT NEW CONTRACT APPEARED. AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE I THINK INTERNET MARKETING SHOULD BE BANNED AND SPAMMING ON THE INTERNET SHOULD BE BANNED. There are alot of hard working people out there trying to make an honest living. These people dont care what they do or how they do it to make a buck. I recomend anybody to hang up on anyone seliing anything on the phone or on the internet. Use someone close to home that is honest and that you can trust. If you have any family members or friends that have a business or are opening one to not deal with anyone on the phone or internet. WARN THEM OF THESE PEOPLE. .

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