Grand Crowne Resorts Towne Center

Grand Crowne Resorts Towne Center

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Published: 22 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Firts of all, I am very ashamed of myself for ever falling for a resort sales pitch. I suppose my fault in all this is that I am usually a good judge of character and somewhat trusting to a fault. So I’m sure they saw a patsy from a mile away. It all started when I wanted to surprise my husband in Sept, 2013. My family and I had endured several years of doing without, living on the tightest of budgets, shopping at GoodWill, eating lots of macaroni and cheese/PBJ dinners, driving clunkers all while my husband went back to school to earn his degree and I worked 12 hour shifts to support our family. The time finally came when he graduated and we took our first real family vacation to Pidgeon Forge, Tn. That’s when our lives changed forever. | I booked a room, as a surprise vacation at The Lodges in Pidgeon Forge for a discounted rate and all we had to do was sit in on a 90 minute presentation about Timeshare resorts. My husband was alarmed when I finally told him of the ‘little catch’ and he was adamant “do not say yes to anything!” Well, the 90 minutes turned into 4 hours of the most smooth talking sales pitching I have ever fallen for. First of all, for anyone that’s never been on a real vacation to a resort town, I was starstruck by all the attractions. I went into a buyer’s trance and probably would have purchased a lot on the far side of the moon, that’s how slick the pitch was. We started out by touring several units, each more lavish than the last one. I’m sure the tour was intended to set the bait. | I was told I had options, that the company would work with us. I was told we could stay in Disney for a fraction of what others were paying at hotels close to Disney! I was told I could stay at their resorts all over the country and even in Europe using the Interval portion of the package. I was convinced it was a second source of income in that I could even rent out my timeshare to family and friends. So I paid over $5,400 for a basic unit. I went home with an upset husband but I promised I would make him see how good of a deal this was. Meanwhile, I must admit I was still confused and a bit dazed by all the shuffling between sales people, presenters, rooms with pictures on the walls of all the construction, carrying all the paperwork and pretty brochures in to the house, feeling I had done something special for my family. | Fast forward to 2016. I have never once stepped foot inside the timeshare I purchased. The few times I was able to actually reach a real person on the phone after being put on hold or have the call transfered, there was always some catch. No availablilities for when I could go, but for additional money I could upgrade…… I even tried to sell it back. Nope, only for another fee. I continue to own and pay maintenance fees to this ‘dream’ on paper but just want out. I finally found out last week that the original company went bankrupt (imagine that) but I continue to owe the maintance fees to a new company Allied Solution Group (417-553-9511). I feel very stupid but also lied to. I think it’s extremely illegal what they are doing. It would be a miracle if something good came of this. That’s why I’m sharing my humiliating story so somehow this practice of praying on people on vacation will stop.

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