Grandview Manor DB, LLC

Grandview Manor DB, LLC

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These individuals who are licensed 919 N. Grandview Ave, Daytona under Grandview Manor DDB, LLC but write leases under DB Enterprises LLC (not licensed) are run by the two most unscrupulous individuals I have ever met. I had an active lease about to expire, after two years with a spotless payment record. PRIOR to my lease expiration I was served with a 15 day Notice to Vacate. This is entirely illegal, as it can only apply to monthy rentals. It traumatized me. After doing my own reasearch and being harrassed about showing the apartment in need of much work, I established the fact I should have received a Non Renewal of Lease Notice 30 days prior to its expiration. The illegal notice was served on June 11. They finally admitted it was illegal and served the approriate Noitce 3 weeks before my expiration–a week late. However, beginning 2 days after serving me with the first, illegal notice I was harrassed about showing the apt. immediately–also illegal–you can only show the apt. during the final 30 days of the LEASE. | Please note I was the 2nd person in two months subjected to this same illegal maneuver. Unfortunately, the other tenant didn’t perform due diligence and actually moved in the 15 days! She was extraordinarily shocked and traumatized, as was I. They also, during this same two month period, served another tenant on full disability with a bogus Eviction Notice. This Notice was unsuccessful, but the tenant got a portion of pre-paid rent returned and moved out immediately. In the end, he lost hundreds in prepaid rent. They stole my entire deposit under false pretenses. They threatened to take me to court for missing furniture, although there was no signed inventory. They kept my deposit because they said I wouldn’t allow them to show the apartment even though they began asking during the illegal period and after serving me with the illegal Notice. BTW, the Notice was from Grandview Manor DB, LLC but my lease was with DB Enterprises LLC (an unlicensed entity). In actuality, I researched their property tax records, and they were delinquent and unpaid for 3 out of 4 quarters–thus the theft of everyone’s money. | During my tenancy I also established they were in collusion with the Inspector for Code Enforcement who gave faked compliance reports for complaints over a year old and never finished. This included false testimony (which I reported) before the Special Magistrate who oversees Landlord matters with Code Enforcement Issues unresolved. | The two principals of the firm, Donna O’Connor and James Ford are two of the most unscrupulous individuals I have had the misfortune to rent from. They serve illegal notices on a whim and use intimidation and harrassment with total abandon. This property had 23 tenants in seven (7) units during the two years I lived there. They also rent apts on S. Hollywood in Daytona under Kona Realty. | Avoid these people and properties. The other two tenants could substantiate this record in its entirety.

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