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Published: 10 May 2018

Posted by: Emilie Barker

Cannabis, LSD and Ayahuasca Retreats, Mocking Court Witnesses as Mentally Sick, Threats to Murder Shamans, Black Magic, Witchcraft. Shobha Brennan and Miguel Humblet of Gravito Retreat Centre ultimately admitted full responsibility for their roles in the fires that killed 66 people in June 2017. A Shaman grounded in the astral power foresaw many fires burning down Santo Daime houses and retreat centres and killing people in the process back in 2017. After their friends tried insinuating a Shaman was a mentally deranged arsonist but later they admitted it was their own fault posting on their website that they carried a heavy responsibility for the fire. The cause was that they were caught out drinking Ayahuasca with those wishing death upon a Shaman in the astral power that foresaw the fires and they thought it was funny that he was threatened with murder. It comes under black magic with Ayahuasca. It is because they blamed him for a police raid that took their friends weed but he was not the informant and drank Ayahuasca with those claiming to be able to cripple Shamans in the astral power and have them murdered. Gravito were also involved in inciting witness mockery and humiliation, pretending witnesses were sick liars. They invoked an astral curse that burned down their retreat centre forcing a rebuild. On the day of the fire, five lightening bolts struck out of a clear blue sky igniting vast tracts of forest, badly damaging Gravito Retreat Centre and killing 66 people. They thought the Shaman was an arsonist but the authorities ruled no human hand was involved. The same phenomena repeated itself in October 2017 with Adrian Freedman caught out drinking Ayahuasca with those mocking Shamans as mentally deranged peodophiles and arsonists. The Directors of the Santo Daime Church were warned in writing about big fires and to stop serving Ayahuasca and the response via proxy was the Shaman was a mentally sick and deranged arsonist and would have his legs broken, sent to hospital, or denounced as a homosexual peodophile. When Adrian Freedman was told to cancel the works in October 2017 he did not want to and instead he drank Santo Daime and smoked weed in a ceremony with the one that claimed the Shaman was an arsonist and a mentally deranged homosexual peodophile imagining visions of fires burning down centres. By the end of that Santo Daime ceremony held in Monte Mariposa in October 2017, at least 7 retreat centres all over Portugal were destroyed or badly damaged, 40 people were killed, all on the very same day Adrian Freedman poured Santo Daime in defiance of the warning about astral curses and the consequences of Santo Daime black magic. Adrian Freedman and his friends at Gravito thought mocking the Shaman as a homosexual pedophile or a sick, mentally deranged arsonist was funny, but when many of his friends centres burned down in freak wildfires killing many people, they were all taught a heavy duty lesson in why stop pouring Ayahuasca means stop pouring Ayahuasca. Adrian Freedman and Gabriela Dworecki Domingues were unable to muster up enough support to denounce a Court witness to substance dealing as a mentally sick and deranged peodophile and instead had to dissolve the Eternal Heart Centre. Adrian Freedman was forced to close down the Eternal Heart Centre and had to apologize for his people threatening witnesses to Courts with violence and murder, he then resigned as a Senior of the Santo Daime Church. When he was warned in 2017 that his Santo Daime would be banned and presented with steps to avert the downfall of the Santo Daime Church, he arranged for his people to post death threats, threats of violence as well as trying to close down a bank account of a Court witness, an attempt that was unsuccessful. Gravito tried lying and deleting evidence of payment receipts to pretend the Eternal Heart Centre was not making six figure sums yearly in undeclared black money. The group tried to criminalize him as a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor) but ultimately were unsuccessful in concealing tax evasion and were caught out cheating Uncle Sam whilst threatening to shut down the accounts of those who talked, or who asked for receipts for donations made. Adrian Freedman had to close down the bank accounts of the Eternal Heart Centre and was warned to expect a 20 year tax audit and having to pay back to HMRC many thousands in taxes on undeclared revenue after the organization was caught lying to Companies House in the United Kingdom, signing false tax declarations and fiddling the books. It was dissolved in September 2018 The Eternal Heart Centre wanted to break the laws, deal in drugs, smoke weed and drink Santo Daime whilst picking on innocent people, blaming them for police raids and then threatening to murder them. Life taught them a lesson when they had to close. Gravito Retreat Centre were also involved in fiddling the books, when they claimed a witness was a liar, the fire caused them a massive loss and took back the black money made from supplying banned substances. Miguel Humblet of Gravito Retreat Centre and his people in the Santo Daime Church was heavily involved in threatening witnesses to the Courts with violence, murder and broken legs as well as trying to shut down bank accounts and monitor people’s movements without legal authorization. They were also all involved in intimidating witnesses to various Court Proceedings with violence, murder, hospital visits and other nasties. All those involved then had their Ayahuasca centres destroyed in fires or shut down by the police. Adrian Freedman, Miguel Humblet and Shobhas Brennan were involved in trying to portray the one threatened with murder was a sick and deranged liar, but they backed off after a bunch of nasty fires burned out their homes and retreat centres. Adrian Freedman and Miguel Humblet were caught out drinking Santo Daime with those mocking Shamans as mentally sick peodophiles, claiming to be able to murder them and falsely accusing them of the crime of arson in March, April, May, June and October 2017. In 2017 Adrian Freedman was warned to stop behaving irresponsibility and supplying Santo Daime to idiots in Portugal or face a curse of prohibition for the Santo Daime, a curse that came to pass. In 2018 and 2019 the authorities decided enough was enough, the authorities and the Courts throughout Europe denied Adrian Freedman and his Churches the freedom for Santo Daime. Those bans came from the Danish Supreme Court, the Dutch Court of Appeal, the UK High Court, several Courts in Belgium, a Court in Ireland as well as several Public Ministries. Gravito were also involved in inciting witness mockery and humiliation, pretending witnesses were sick liars and drinking the Ayahuasca whilst their friends were poking death threats at Shamans grounded in the astral power. They invoked an astral curse that burned down their retreat centre forcing a rebuild. On the day of the fire, five lightening bolts struck out of a clear blue sky igniting vast tracts of forest, badly damaging Gravito Retreat Centre and killing 66 people in June 2017. Others in the Santo Daime were caught out trying to create a network of Santo Daime centres in Portugal with the end aim of hosting a work for 600 Brazilian people with all the trimmings, weed, LSD, alcohol and a big party, plenty of debaucherous sex, gluttony, greed, music and overindulgence in hedonistic pleasures, whilst sticking their fingers up at the authorities and the police. God intervened to stop his dream from becoming reality and permanently barred him from Portugal. The fires burned everything to charcoalled ruins killing 100 people in two separate firestorms that Freedman was warned about, the response was that the one that warned him was a deranged arsonist, to expect broken legs, violence and murder before the police could help. All those involved in Santo Daime black magic invoked terrible suffering as they were warned, 24 centres involved in Santo Daime were damaged or destroyed by freak firestorms invoked by Santo Daime black magic, witchcraft and other Satanic practices conducted under the guise of love and light. Six individuals associated with Gravito Retreat Centre were barred from harassing witnesses to the Court and were handed down injunctions, the police intervened to stop them after they would not stop. Adrian Freedman had to close down the Eternal Heart Centre and his work at Gravito Retreat Center with cannabis, ayahuasca and LSD, after his following claiming to be of love and light were the subject of 200 or more police reports detailing threats of violence, threats to smear, mockery, intimidation and blaming other people for police raids finding large amounts of banned substances including massive sacks of ready prepared weed as well as LSD tabs and other drugs destined for sale at his events. Miguel Humblet and Adrian Freedman are heavily involved in drug dealing and threatening Court witnesses to be quiet, or expect violence. The response of Gravito was to encourage people to label witnesses to the Courts as mentally sick, proof was found of their involvement and when an apology was demanded, the response was to expect to be smeared online, or have legs broken, or be murdered before the police can help.

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