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Published: 28 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Greyskull seeds claim to fame is that they “found” a mysterious, clone only strain named sour dubble, ancestor of high times cannabis cup award winner gorilla glue 4 Or gg 4). | Similar to the kid who moves to a new school and tells lies about how cool he was at his former school to his new classmates — greyskull showed up on maui in 2010 with wild tales of how he was the only person on earth to have a lost strain called sour dubble, mother of gorilla glue 4 During the period that gorilla glue 4 was being celebrated as one of the strongest strains on earth). | Strain-gely nobody in san diego can vouch for greyskull’s story, because he is not even from san diego: he is from oklahoma! | Did he “find” sour dubble in a corn field in oaklahoma or did he find a seed of a clone only strain in one of his fragrant fake dreads?? | One of the greyskull san diego pakalōlō pirate gang members, who engaged our representatives in discussion, says greyskull “found a single seed of sour dubble in a import pound from san diego home of sour dubble”. | 1st off: if this mythological seed even did exist, there would be no way to verify if was pure sour dubble & not a result of accidental pollination by a hermaphrodite in the grow room. Plus, california warehouse weed importers are notorious for putting popular imposter names on pounds so they will sell. | 2nd: sour dubble is a clone only strain that the original breeder says is lost, yet now greyskull “found” it? | 3rd: greyskull san diego is not even from san diego he is from oklahoma?? | How does a newbie from oklahoma get in with tight clone only cannabis circles in san diego after only a few short years??? | Probably the same way he becomes an online forum expert on hawaiian cannabis culture in less than a decade: | By faking the skunk funk online. | Greyskull the grower is a pakalōlō poser. He has no idea about hawaiian cannabis culture because he is an outsider — yet he opens his big fat mouth online as if he is all knowing & all seeing. | Greyskull spreads misinformation about maui wowie & alaskan thunderfuck being names to put on regional specific cannabis without a clue that maui wowie is a old school, world renown hawaiian sativa strain & alaskan thunderfuck is a hybrid that was bred specifically so it could be cultivated outdoors in alaska during their legendary long sun light days by crossing a california sativa to a russian ruteralis x afghan indica. | Ruteralis produces an auto-flower response allowing a plant to flower when there are over 12 hours of sunlight. | Greyskull doesn’t know abour these strains, yet he speaks on them online as if he was an expert. | Just like the girlfriend who is always jealous, suspecting you are cheating All the while she is the one getting down around town) greyskull & his gang of punk pakalōlō pirate posers question the validity of every other breeders genetics — yet it is greyskull seeds passing off a fake sour dubble to sell their random hybrid seeds!!! | Worse still: greyskull seeds organized a fake cannabis cup competition Blatantly copying high times cannabis cup) to promote their bunk brand & are tricking locals here in hawai’i into believing they are legitimate by showing them instagram photos of their invite only fake cannabis cup. | The real high times cannabis cup is open to the public. | What do these pakalōlō pirates have to hide??? | Greyskull seeds are total scammers, scallywags, scumbags & absolute rip offs!!!

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