Hampton Hills Country Club

Hampton Hills Country Club

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Published: 20 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I created a video about my father Stanley Pine from Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club on YouTube and he lost it. He called 1-800-Lifenet and tried to have me committed. This is the third time he has done something like this to me. I’m a normal person. I’m 39, have no criminal record and don’t drink or do drugs. | The last time he did this to me he used Ulla Kristiina Laakso, MD one of the worst reviewed doctors in New York City as per Yelp. I would love to know how he found Dr. Laakso. | This is the second report I’m creating about my father Stanley. The first was because him and some of his friends sabotaged me and ripped me off. I don’t understand what I did to this man. All I have done for the last several years is work on my computer for companies, helping them with the web marketing. | One of my clients in addition to the dozens of strangers who hired me was Barry Beil, the controlling partner at Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club. | Barry and I were getting along fine until my father intervened. I was helping the club with their presentation on the web, updating website, social media, etc. I was also running web and mobile advertising for them. They told me the membership wasn’t full and they would like new members. | I ran ads into Westhampton, Southampton, Quogue, Bridge Hampton, Watermill and others. The cost was reasonable and the response was better then expected. Stanley was negative about the ads before we started but he had no issue signing up the new members as they started calling, emailing and stopping by. | I was hoping that the good job I did for my father would lighten up the hate Stanley has for me, but it didn’t. He just doesn’t like me and Stanley will sabotage me any chance he get’s. I have my reasons although I’m going to save them for the next report. There is another I’m working on but I want to take a little more time with it. | I told my father and Barry there are tens of thousands of people, as per the web marketing research I did, within driving distance of the club. It’s not like my father and Barry know everyone within driving distance of the club. Not only did people sign up immediately, they have several who are planning to sign up next year. | In my opinion, allegedly, Stanley likes the new members, although he likes sabotaging me more which is what he did. Once again I do not understand what I did to deserve this man as a father. | If this isn’t enough there is another unrelated group who I know that is super connected with the police just like my father Stanley who is harassing me non stop. They had me injected in the face and hand. I went to the NYPD but they are already being paid by the group harassing me so no luck. | If all this isn’t enough Stanley is trying to have me committed when I’m sharp as a tack. He’s throwing smoke screens at me when I have police and private detectives paid to ruin my life. If anything I’d say I’m as resilient as the best of them the fact that I’m still here. | I’m not wasting the whole day writing this, so I’m going to wrap it up. After I created a video that mentioned Stanley he called 800 Life net and tried to have me committed. The two people who showed up at my apartment found nothing wrong with me. It’s just a coincidence Stanley called to have me committed the same day I posted a video about him. | I have an email from Stanley where he tells me to drop dead. I think he means it. | I’m doing everything I can to get out from under the other group of people (not my father) I mentioned although they are on a subscription plan with the police department so they can sabotage my business relationships without fear of being caught. Plus the NYPD is actually helping them. | If anyone has ideas I’m easy to get ahold of (mark). My info is everywhere. Thank you.

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