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Published: 07 January 2018

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His report is being made after hearing stories from victims of this Russian/Ukrainian scam artist that has made it here to America. This is to protect not just men from forming a relationship with this woman but also to protect anyone who may come in contact with her. This is a brief story of her history that’s been witnessed by many “”pillars of the community””. This is not an attack in anyway but this report is necessary since history shows Hanna Kubyshkina A/K/A Anya Kubyshkina hasn’t deviated from her plan of destroying those who are gullible enough to “”fall”” for her. Investigators have found ads she posted on Craigslist personals. She prostitutes and these ads will be used as evidence in a family law hearing in June 2014. Hanna Kubyshkina A/K/A Anya Kubyshkina grew up in the Ukraine with her brother and parents. Around 1989 when the USSR fell her family went broke overnight. Her father died of alcoholism in 2006 and her brother a drug overdose. Her family was starving around year 2000 and she wanted out. She paid a company to take her photograph and post a “”Russian Mail Order Bride”” advertisement. A future victim who almost lost it all including hais freedom name S L responded to her ad and they started corresponding. He started making trips to the Ukraine to see her and she put on enough of a show to cause him to fall in love with her. In Ukraine young women weren’t allowed to leave the country so Kubyshkina sneaked over the border to Poland to the US Embassy to get a fiance visa which unfortunately was granted by Homeland Security which is supposed to protect America from these predators. The about to be husband/victim and Kubyshkina flew to Fort Worth, Texas were he lived. As soon as Kubyshkina moved in with S L the fighting that never occurred in the Ukraine started. The Lambert family who initially liked Kubyshkina started to have some serious concerns. Valuables started missed from the home that Kubyshkina denied stealing. Her attitude turned cold towards Lambert and his family. The couple had to get married within three months of entry to the United States or Kubyshkina’s finance visa would expire requiring her to return to the Ukraine. They got a legal marriage by the Tarrant County Justice of the Peace turning her visa into a Green Card. The night they got married Kubyshkina took off with Russian individuals that are identified in private investigator files as being know organized crime figures. She started cheating on her husband (now exhusband) and disappearing with no contact for weeks at a time. S L filed for divorce and then Kubyshkina tried to get half his assets. S L was a prominate CPA who was wealthy and Kubyshkina was claiming half of everything even though they were married (but separated) only for several months. The court was going to rule that she not receive anything except a car she already had in her possesion. Texas allows no alimony unless there was a crime of rape/assault in the marriage. Kubyshkina learning this was the law from known Russian Mafia who know all the scam tactics decided to frame S L She began acting nice and decent hoping her ex husband would decide to drop the divorce. It worked. S L asked the court to dismiss his divorce case against her which was granted.

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