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Published: 04 October 2017

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Our ordeal started on 6/15/2015 when unfortunately my mother contracted with them to have her carpets cleaned. I thought it would be a good idea to bring over my 8’x6′ area rug and small, mat-sized rug to be cleaned for an additional $50. I usually clean it myself, but thought i’d save some time. After work, i stopped by mom’s to take a look at the “cleaned” rug and mat. Mom’s carpet looked better, so i was looking forward to seeing my things which had been cleaned in another room. I was immediately disappointed. The mat still looked dull and i grew tired counting the little dirt spots still on the rug. I immediately called ace chem-dry and spoke to the company’s franchise president, joann anton. Things happen, so i’m usually pretty calm when discussing issues. But joann quickly upset me when almost the first words out of her mouth was that the spots are stains which are “set in” before she even let me finish describing what i saw. I would later come to see this is apparently their “catch all” ready excuse for their bad cleaning. I told her my mother felt that her carpet cleaner, andrew, was cleaning too fast. Joanne’s immediate reply was, ‘that’s what lots of people say about him, but it ok to be fast if you still clean well.’ i agreed with her, but added the fact that i am here complaining would argue against the fact that he cleaned well! If ‘lots of other people’ think andrew is too fast as well… Maybe he needs to slow down!) After a protracted conversation with joanne, i agreed to a re-cleaning attempt. As a company trying to right a wrong, i was surprised she didn’t have her technician return in a few days. Instead, i had to wait over a week to get a appointment. After an appointment was set, i received a call from joanne stating an emergency job had arisen asking if i could re-schedule; the truth was, irrespective her “request” she had already cancelled our appointment. So, i reluctantly accepted an appointment for 3 days later. I left work, came home and waited for her tech… And waited… And waited. After about 2 hours past appointment time, i call their office. Apparently, her tech did additional work at another job and forgot to call. Joann requested yet another appointment! I told her, enough! i can’t seem to get a firm appointment. Meanwhile, while waiting for her tech to show up, as a test, i cleaned one of the dirt spots with a little resolve – that’s right… Resolve carpet cleaner out of a can! took me all of 15 seconds and not much effort to remove the spot. Meanwhile, joanne was still decrying “set in stain”… And andrew will do what he can. So, after giving me the option, i told her, i don’t want to keep adjusting my schedule and i’m still not being very assured andrew will even be able to remove these easily-removable dirt spots, so i’ll take a $50 refund for the cleaning of my two items and clean the things myself. Joanne agreed, and said my mom would be receiving it i a couple of days. That was 21 days ago. When my mom informed me last week she had not received the refund, i immediately called joanne. Got a big serving of ‘no real answers’. Thought i’d drive to the boynton beach address on their invoice – only to find this is a residential area and she no longer lives there! with no address to reach this business i returned to phone calls and leaving messages via their website They have no stated email address… Now, i know why). Most times she didn’t answer or return my calls. I knew what the deal was, so i called from another number, and lo and behold… The elusive joanne answered! i insisted she honor her word and cut my mom’s refund check for me to pick up. This time – for the first time – i hear a story that she thought i said her tech didn’t clean the rugs at all and that’s why she offered a refund, adding she spoke with him after she spoke with me. I pressed her to tell me when she spoke with andrew and she replied a week ago. So, if i am to believe her, she promised a refund on 6/26 and got this story from her tech on or about 7/10. So what happened between 6/27 and 7/9, joanne? I’ll tell you what happened. She had no intention to issue a refund. I demanded she keep her word and issue my mother a refund. I reminded her that just because she’s not at the boynton beach address on their invoice, she got to be somewhere and i will get my mom’s refund. He quick reply was, ‘well, if you’re going to speak like that then i won’t be issuing any refund at all! you can contact your attorney.’ then she hung up. This did not suprise me. She was looking for any excuse to get out of paying this $50, and i’m guessing she will try to say this was a threat. What i was saying, in actuality, is not being at that physical address will not stop me from getting this refund; she had to be somewhere! futhermore, i had already informed her on 7/10 via her website, and i quote, “on principle, i am prepared to publicly air my grievances as well as take the necessary legal steps to get restitution for my mom.” my only “threat” was legal recourse. But, as i said, i expected this from someone who had already shown her word lacked credibility.

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