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Published: 17 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My husband dream after being a truck driver for 30+ years was to buy a nice fifth wheel and take the road but in a different way, this time not working, but for pleasure. He was in love with a Mobile Suite, but that one is $150,000+ and at this moment we cant afford it. So he started searching good ones with good construction, good body paints, etc. Finally he thought that Heartland Landmark was a nice comparable, BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!! We went to Camping World at 530 sw Florida Gateway Drive, Lake City Fl., and on 12/11/14 we signed contract on our BRAND NEW 2015 HEARTLAND LANDMARK model NEWPORT three sixty five, 42.9′ After we signed the contract we went to our unit again, and when we started looking closely to the unit, the PROBLEMS started to show. First thing I noticed was that the switch for the recliners at the lounge area, (that is a whole unit theater style), was broke. Ok, well it’s a new unit, WHY? is this broke?, the dealer said they fix it. Aha, and the bracket that hold them to the floor is showing, it’s supposed to be under the unit, then I realize they were not allign as they are suppose to. They also said, we fix that also. We then went to the main bathroom, (our model has 1 and 1/2 bath), the closet for the bedroom is at that part of the RV, when I took a close look and open the doors for the closet, they were secure, (close), I saw a big chip in one of the doors and the other had a loose piece of the frame. They said, we fix it. Ok, well we then saw at the 1/2 bathroom that the fan and vent doesn’t work. They said, we fix it. At the control panel the cover doesnt close. They said, we fix it. The TV at the lounge has a bracket on the back, because you can move it so you can watch TV from the kitchen, that bracket is almost ruining the wood, its hanging from the wall. We left the unit at the dealer for a whole week so they can install a generator and a washer and dryer. They only installed those things but didnt do any repairs because they had to order from the manufacturer, bla,bla,bla,bla,bla…… The list of wrong things is so long I HAVE to stop here because I dont think its enough space. Tomorrow 12/28/14 We are going back to Camping World at Lake City and I will let you know what they are going to do with our unit. I believe OUR UNIT IS A LEMON….. I’M FIRMLY WHEN I SAY THIS IS NOT THE END OF OUR STORY! THEY ARE GOING TO KNOW AND LEARN THE HARD WAY, NOT TO SELL CRAPPPPPYYYY PRODUCTS.

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