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Published: 03 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I called heatandcool.com back in August 2017 to inquire about a particular unit (Klimaire 36000 btu ceiling cassette) I was interested in and was told that unit would work “perfect” for my shop. It was advertise to fit in a standard 24″ x 24″ size hole. When I received the unit it was huge measuring about 34″ x 34″ so now way was this going to fit. Called th company and told them the issue and they confirmed that their website was wrong. | They then told me they had a 18000 btu unit that would fit the 24″ hole but I was concerned of the lower btu because of my heat load and they said it would be fine. Anyways get the new unit which looking at the box looks like its been sitting in a wherehouse for years and have it installed only to find out that its DOA and does not work. My ac install guys calls Klimaire tech support numerous times and Omar keeps telling the installers to check the same thing over and over again, after several hours of calling back and forth Omar says the unity is faulty and it will have to be returned. So now I have the cost of the ac unit $1033, the cost of installation $400 and the cost for troubleshooting this piece of crap they sent me $600. | I call heatandcool over the course of the next 4 days just getting the run around or no answer, I called at least 70 plus times and didnt get anywhere, finaly Julio (manager) calls me back and tells me that since the unit was installed they dont have to take it back ! How am I supposed to know it it works without installing it ! Julio says that I now have to contact the manufacturer because its a warranty issue now. By the way Heatand cool.com AND Klimaire have the same address ! | I play their game and jump through hoops and register the ac unit then call the warranty dept. which says they need the unit back to see if its defective or if its the installer fault, and that I may have to pay $200 for return shipping ! | I send Julio an email stating that an acceptable solution for me would be to have them take back the second unit and upgrade me to a brand name LG model which has the 30,000 btu that I require, )My ac installer said that the 18000 btu unit they sent me wouldnt have been enough to cool my shop even if it did work.) This unit they said was in stock and it was last years model and I was fine with that, it was more money but I was telling them I spent an extra $1000 in installation and troubleshooting and that I would still have to pay for another lineset and another installation so it would be fair compensation to give me the LG unit. | Julio said that he would have to talk to the companys president because he was the only one who could authorize that. A week or so goes by and julio calls me and said that they would indeed upgrade me to the larger more expensive LG unit and they were sending a truck to pick up the defective unit, so at this point im like wow I cant believe they are actually going to make things right. I pack up the defective unit real nice for them and Fed Ex comes and picks the unit up, I call Julio telling them that fex ex has the unit and its on the way back and can he please ship the new unit now like they did the last time so I dont have to wait another 2 weeks and he say no they have to receive it first even though they didnt last time. | Friday 10/27 17 fed ex delivers the unit to heat and cool I call on Monday several times for Julio, no answer, I send an emailasking him to try and ship the new unit today so I get it by the end of the week. A couple hours later julio calls me and tells me that he is issuing a refund for what I paid for the defective unit, I ask him what about our deal with upgrading me into the LG unit and he tells me that they arent in stock and wont be coming back into stock either. I ask him what about the $1000 I spent installing and troubleshooting their faulty unit and he said its not their problem! Im so pissed right now no one could possibly believe I wasted over two months dealing with these crooks, custom built a stand for the ac unit, have a big hole in my shop seiling lost a bunch of wages because I was dealing with this BS instead of working, and spent $1000 extra dollars and have nothing to show for. | Im pretty sure the LG unit was not in stock when they made the deal with me, it was just their way to recover the defective unit so they can sell it to someone else, BUYER BEWARE !!! TRUST ME YOU DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH THESE GUYS, IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN !!!! | I will be filing a complaint with the FLA Attorney generals office the BBB, and be talking with the FTC and flordia news stations. these people should not be allowed to be in business.

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