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Published: 06 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

As a military member I came to Heatherman Homes for a rental home. I did not have a large window of time to find housing. I viewed a dirty home and was told it would be cleaned when I moved in. Upon move in walls were left unpainted, paint peeling off cabinets, stove in deplorable condition, floors that the grout turned black with filth. A dangerous oxygen tank was left on the property, trash all over the yard along with logs scattered everywhe, whole in upstairs wall, broken blinds, mold in upstairs bathroom, no grout on tubs (some weird brown glue smeared everywhere instead), vines growing into siding and gutters, non working or improperly installed light fixtures, an air conditioning system that was improperly installed and I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff. They failed to handle most complaint and if they did they would send a handyman out after numerous calls. While living at the home I cleaned the grout with bleach and toothbrush, cleaned the stove inside out until it looked new ( under the hood it had an inch of black grime), power washed the house and driveway, removed most of the logs and all trash from yard, trimmed trees, and kept good care of the property. Upon move out Heatherman Homes sent me an invoice to review with things they were going to charge me for which included everything that was wrong with the house when I moved in. I let them know this and from here I got the run around for weeks. The refused to return my calls and when they would talk they would keep making excuses or changing the story about what they are charging me for. They sent me a detailed list of charges and when I stated that these things I should not be charged for, they are now saying they charged these items to the homeowner but the amount remains the same! It makes no sense, they are double talking big time! Its been past the 45 days to return the deposit as well! The only valid charges to me were the ditchline not being mowed and a crack in an upstairs window. The other charges are them trying to get me to pay for what previous tenants have done. I was told that the previous people trashed the place. I would think they would appreciate a respectable tenant that left the property in better shape than they received it in!

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