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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Something is wrong. This should be cutting-edge news. NV lawyers and media are stonewalling us. Looks like we’re in trouble; Need your help. Will you please refer us to honest lawyers (possibly nationwide) who are not afraid to perform in areas of personal injury/civil rights/constitutional law in Henderson/Las Vegas? (So much for what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas) The meticulous truth, below: Police beat/tortured/robbed me for 4 hrs. and put me in wheelchair 2-1/2 mos. in answer to a fraudulent, out-of-state phone call. I am a 58-y/o, white, middle-class, educated woman. My 80-y/o parents’ lovely, 5/3 bed home, overlooking pool & grounds, was destroyed. I’m new to Nevada; I am devastated. If this could happen to me, it could happen to anyone (now believe this is happ’g. to more than just the isolated few). Police report states they spoke to me on cell in detailed conversation; however, I never used a phone that day (have proof report is all circus, freak show-like lies). They posed me in photos like Sadaam Hussein after they Tased me, 16x, unconscious. I am now w/a ”sudden onset severe cardiac condition” dx, as told to me by multiple medical jail staff who put me on five heart meds (I was unconscious after 1st shot). SWAT; a bomb squad; a helicopter crew, and Henderson (not Ferguson), NV police, broke-into my locked, master bedroom (mother is witness) w/no knockg/no announcem’t, where I sat in bed in my bra/panty as I held a small, registered pistol. I thought they were burglars (had no earthly idea it was police). I’m not so stupid that I would try to fight an army, in bed, single-handedly. I will not live w/this evil. Will you help us find justice (I’m alone in Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada)? Our own government is now trying to call me “incompetent” in a status check in effort to diminish police errors, frame, discredit and bolster their case against me. This is defamation of character: They, literally, hired a psychiatrist who lied about me; I recorded his 10 min. assessment of me, where he then wrote that I had a “mood disorder & personality disorder” and that I require drugs. There is nothing wrong w/my mind. I have all my mental faculties. My Mother does suffer from diabetic dementia. Also, I am not a dope/alcohol addict. I am a non-violent, plant-based, volunteer worker, holistic woman who works-out, daily, since a teen (I now have permanent injuries and new cardiac condition). I still maintain that I’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG. Again, the Henderson/Las Vegas police broke into my private bedroom; evacuated all neighbors as “performed/staged by Vegas” militia-style exercises; beat me; destroyed our home, and robbed us (for 4 hrs.). Then, they (I swear on holy Bible) dragged my lifeless body by hair and kidnapped me for 10 months in three jails in 23/7 solitary confinement w/bright beams of lights in my eyes, “n**i-style”, where they completely ignored me (when they weren’t beating me). They, actually flew me to one of three jails), where they appointed a “recorded rep” against me (he never once asked me what happened). Then, a psychotic jail guard (Officer Scoggs) beat me in my wheelchair (when I, already, could hardly walk or talk) and sent me to hospital, again (have ER records)! I/we have truly been terrorized. Other victims know this legal process as “The Gauntlet” in jail (God knows I feel this). In case I die (one way or another) (too many heart palps), three innocent victims/citizens in jail (Roger Foley, Ron Culley, & Dale LeBarge) are also being framed, similarly, by Dr. Zuchowski, w/psych lies and cover-ups), by our local government/lawyers, NOW. Our gov’t. is forcing Roger to take “n**i-style” injections. I swear that they were taking us to locked, private rooms, daily, to force us to never say that we were “not guilty”, IN A COURT-OF-LAW, and warned us to only plead “no contest” (reason why they kept me, and others, so long). Please ask them for truth. I need an honest lawyer in Henderson/Las Vegas. Again, I’m middle-class; If this could happen to me, it could happen to ANYONE. Will you come see our burned/destroyed home? God bless you, in advance, for your consideration. Few press and lawyers in Las Vegas are responding to our real pleas for help. My name is Julie. .

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