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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I took my car to Hibdon after my wife set an appointment. They would NOT have been my first choice, but it was Saturday and the appointment was made. It had been dying in traffic, but would easily “restart” with dropping into neutral and turning ignition. About two hours after I explain the symptoms and drop off the car/keys, they call me back trying to push their Firestone “sister” racket and $500.00+ worth of tires! But the rudest thing of all was their refusal to focus on my issue. This girl told me they couldn’t diagnose it, so they wanted Firestone to. No way, no how. I’ve been burned there too many times. And the majority of the phonecall is spent trying to fear me into buying new tires. Oh yes sir, you need four new tires… but the left front is about to go. Is that what I brought it in for? The “script” with which you answer your phone is evidence of some type of “training.” Too bad you were not trained in the basics of customer service. Basically my explanation of the bank trying to take our house and my needing as cheaply as possible to find out the answer to one issue… and one issue only… meant nothing to these people trained more in opportunism than customer service. I told this pushy person that I didn’t have funds for four new tires, nor even one. I headed back to Hibdon to get the car. She tells the guys in the back that I’m here to get the car, and that I’m not getting tires nor letting them take it to Firestone. What do you think happened? The guy started backing my car out of the bay, and when he took it out of reverse… for the first time since I’ve owned the car, the ignition suddenly will not start the engine. For saying “no” to extortion, I bought myself a new problem that did not exist before I brought it in. (Hey, I drove it there without a problem.) By keeping overdrive off, I had for an entire day been able to keep from stalling out. But even that was met with ridicule, oh no, I had no idea what I was talking about. It was my imagination. And now that the car won’t start? Oh well sir, the problem just “progressed…” magically, like that, while my car was in their service bay… But even on the freeway, when it had stalled out, I just dropped into neutral and turned key once, and I was back in motion, every time it happened. Now after telling them I wanted to go somewhere else, for the first time ever, it will not start. Of course I am a little upset, I do let them know that it seems highly suspicious, but I try to stay out of their faces while I get back on my cell phone to let my wife know what has happene. She is at the grocery store with her mom. Hibdon guys push my car back into the service bay after trying for 15 straight minutes to start it. I try to calm down and go back inside, where I continued my conversation with my wife on phone, and eventually sit in the waiting area by the TV. Make no mistake, I am in a state of shock now, but I am not being confrontational, just dismayed and upset. Now I’m trying to just calm down and breathe… watch some TV. Now my wife and mother in law pull up and come inside. Nobody confronts anybody. We’re talking to each other, none of us believes it was coincidence or natural “progression” of the same problem. Within five minutes of my MIL uttering the words “attorney general,” there is a police car pulling up behind the back door, FEET from where I am sitting. I will never recommend Hibdon Tires Plus to anyone, nor will I ever go there again, for anything. I will go out of my way to tell people what you did to me and my family. You don’t think I heard you calling the cops? You don’t think I saw the police car over my shoulder that pulled up after wife and MIL left? You are what is wrong with America, assuming that everyone is a threat. We must protect that racket (and image) at all cost right? Did you think that 85 pound Italian woman was armed and dangerous? Did you think that I was? .

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